Amber Robbin

Writer, Designer, Social Justice Advocate

Amber's writing experience spans blogging, copywriting, editing, content creation for nonprofits, B2B, PR, social media and SEO. She possesses a sharp, descriptive style well-suited for crafting both inventive, whip-smart copy and vivid, compelling narratives. She is a true self-starter, distinctly passionate about advocacy, education, human rights, intersectionality and multiculturalism.


Nonprofit Content

My role: Website Designer
Global Leaders Initiative

Global Leaders Initiative is a CICS micro lab school for 8th grade students that nurtures their diverse perspectives in an effort to cultivate global citizens.

My role: Blogger
Greenheart Travel Blog

Greenheart Travel is an international education nonprofit that provides study, volunteer, teach and work abroad programs in over 30 countries.

Published Articles

Greenheart Travel
6 Ways to Soul Search Before You Job Search

Sigh, the job search. The process of applying for work can be exhausting and seemingly never-ending, but the more you do it, the better you get at it...or should, theoretically. One thing your job search NEEDS to be to spare you from returning to the drawing board time and time again is reflective.

Groupon Coupons
Freebies Blog

Even the most seasoned excursionists shop the sales for all of their globetrotting needs. With this type of savings, you'll be looking smart and taking off with cash to burn!

Feature: Interview with Weyes Blood

Audiofemme is an NYC-based femme/non-binary-run music and culture blog. This is a "Femme Unfiltered" Feature. Twice a month, AudioFemme profiles artists both emerging and established, who, in this industry, must rebel against misogynist cultural mores.

Personal Blog
What Makes Me Show Up for Racial Justice

What makes white folks show up for racial justice? This is a question that motivates and fascinates me, one I don't doubt I'll be in search of answers to for the rest of my life.

Album Review of Braeves' "Drifting by Design"

Childhood friends Ryan Colt Levy and Derek Tramont are the backbone of Long Island ensemble Braeves, but it was a labor of love and experimentation with more recent add-ons Thomas Killian McPhillips IIV and Nick LaFalce that brought forth their melodically-inspired new sound.

Album Review of Duologue's "Never Get Lost"

The many worlds traversed in Duologue's newest album, Never Get Lost, must be revisited time and time again in order for each crevice of its ethereal soundscape to fully reveal itself to the listener.

Video Performance Work

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