Amber Hagan

Writer and Editor

Location icon United States

Amber Hagan grew up with a love for stories. She found her passion for reading at a young age and it quickly turned into a passion for writing as well. As years passed, she turned this into experience with writing and editing.

Amber has worked with clients to edit and proofread their content and help them tell their story in a succinct way, while still holding true to the original message. She has also produced articles of her own as a freelance writer.

Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis
Puck: Through the Ages

My capstone paper for college, which I wrote about A Midsummer Night's Dream's character Puck. I tell how Puck came to be, and where other writers have taken him since Shakespeare's time.

Harmony Baptist Church
Edits on a church website

For a project, I went over a church's website and edited their content and suggested some changes I would make.

Your Venture Church
Edits on a church brochure

A church contacted me about a brochure they wanted about their move to a new location. They had their story written, but wanted me to edit it.