Amber Biesecker

Author, Editor, and Designer

Location icon United States of America

I broke into the editing business in 2006. Beginning with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, my client list has grown to include filmmakers, technical writers, NASA, game designers, and best-selling authors. I'm passionate about my job... but that's not all I do.

I'm also published author, mostly under the pseudonym Lana Hart. I predominantly write in the dark fantasy and urban fantasy genres, though I've ghostwritten quite a few titles in contemporary and paranormal romance too. I adore historical research and love game design so much I went to college for it, as well as for criminal investigations (with a focus on serial criminals).

Additionally, I attended Winter Park Tech for graphic design and have 12 years of experience in administration and office management. I'm a highly organized addition to any team and can't wait to begin my next creative endeavor.



Wyrmwood Publishing & Editing
Editing Portfolio

A list of some of my editing clients over the years.


Wyrmwood Publishing & Editing
A Spark of Madness (Excerpt)

An excerpt from a dark urban fantasy novel I wrote under the name Lana Hart, along with my co-author, AJ Emerson.

Flash Fiction

A flash fiction excerpt centered around the ancient Egyptian god of time.

Wyrmwood Publishing & Editing
The Magic Mirror (Excerpt)

An excerpt from a dark fantasy novel I wrote under the name Lana Hart.


Historical Research
The Sino-French War

An excerpt from a historical research paper on the Qing Dynasty. The client specifically requested I relate the events in a conversational way.

The Wild Life and Times of Harvey Milk

For Pride Month 2018, I wrote several threads hoping to clarify and cast a spotlight on LGBTQ history. Those threads received acclaim from GLAAD, as well as gratitude from the LGBTQ community at large. They are some of my most popular history threads on Twitter, and this one is my personal favorite.

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