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Extraction Magazine
Precision Extraction Introduces New Extraction Technologies - Extraction Magazine

Opportunity abounds in the nascent hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) market. To keep up with demand, growers and manufacturers continually refine their purification techniques. Precision Extraction recently launched T-SEP and L-SEP, two patent-pending processes designed to increase efficiency and lower costs. T-SEP, short for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) separation, produces high-quality, THC-free CBD distillate.

Extraction Magazine
Ethanol Recovery with ExtractCraft - Extraction Magazine

Walk into any modern cannabis dispensary and you'll see products with names like "budder" and "shatter" and "sugar." Known as concentrates, these products are increasingly popular. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the average concentrate is significantly higher than in plain flower cannabis, hence the name 'concentrate'.


Terpenes and Testing Magazine
Recap: Post-Election Cannabis Legalization Landscape - Terpenes and Testing Magazine

November 3, 2020 was a good day for cannabis. Voters in New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, and Arizona legalized recreational cannabis. Fifteen states now support recreational cannabis use among adults. In South Dakota and Mississippi, voters said yes to medical cannabis initiatives. South Dakota (!) was thus the first state to simultaneously legalize adult-use and...

Extraction Magazine
Everything You Need to Know About Electric Dab Rigs - Extraction Magazine

Cannabis concentrate sales continue to surge; analysts predict the market will be worth over $13 billion by 2026. One innovation driving increased consumer demand is the electric dab rig, or "e-rig." This simple, elegant device makes smoking concentrates easier and more accessible. What is Dabbing?

CBD Health and Wellness
Study Reveals Gaps in Knowledge of Cannabinoids in Frequent Cannabis Users - CBD Health and Wellness

When cannabis was illegal in every state, it was difficult for consumers to access credible information about what they were consuming. The situation is now quite different. In many states, you can purchase cannabis from knowledgeable budtenders eager to describe terpene and cannabinoid content. Websites devoted to science-based cannabis education, including our sister publications Terpenes...

Extraction Magazine
Cannabis Terpsolates Explained - Extraction Magazine

New cannabis-derived products continue to burst onto the scene. Enthusiasts can now indulge their habit with a new type of cannabidiol (CBD) product-terpsolates. A terpsolate is CBD isolate that's been infused with terpenes. In theory, it could unite the unique benefits of both the cannabinoid and terpenes.

CBD Health and Wellness
History of the “Pot Brownie”

Everyone’s heard of “pot brownies.” But do you know who whipped up the first batch? Mankind has a long, storied history with cannabis-infused edibles. However, brownies arrived on the scene pretty late, with the first recipe emerging in the late 19th century.


Individual Rights and the Pandemic - Law Listing | Law Commentary

Photo Source: Adobe stock image To combat the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the country, 34 states now require face masks in public. These mandates join social distancing measures such as mandatory business closures and limitations on the number of people allowed to congregate in an area.

State versus Federal Police Power - Law Listing | Law Commentary

Photo Source: Adobe stock image In May, President Trump threatened to deploy the U.S. military in response to protests roiling the country. However, it's not clear that he has the power to do so. American law prohibits the use of the military on domestic soil except in very specific circumstances.

Individual right to protest - Law Listing | Law Commentary

Photo Source: Adobe stock image Seventy-four days after George Floyd was killed by a police officer kneeling on his neck, demonstrations continue to erupt in cities across the U.S. The turbulence brings police officers, lawmakers, and protesters into conflict. What right, if any, does the government have to regulate civil dissent?


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Stem Cells and Muscle Repair

Stem Cells and Muscle Repair Stem cells can be incredibly useful for muscle repair. Large swaths of the population could benefit from the treatment. Professional athletes, those suffering from muscle diseases, and the elderly need a solid muscle repair strategy. Muscle stem cells repair the...

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Most people want to improve their appearance. Men and women dream about eradicating the small lines and folds etched onto their faces. A procedure like Botox is a wonderful way to remove wrinkles, but it's not the only to appear younger. Your facial volume is also important. That's why dermal fil...

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Everything You Need to Know About Root Canals

Everything You Need to Know About Root Canals Root canals inspire terror. People who are anxious about dental procedures are often particularly worried about root canals. But should they be? The procedure is performed in order to save an infected tooth without having to pull it out. Modern ...

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Breast Revision

Breast implant revision surgery becomes necessary when a woman no longer enjoys the appearance of her breasts or when she's experiencing complications from her first augmentation surgery. The procedure usually involves removing or replacing the patient's breast implants. Many women love their...


The Healing Properties of Yoga

People turn to yoga to heal their bodies and soothe their pain. A gentle session can calm your anxiety. Studies show that yoga can have a profound effect on your body and mind, freeing your thoughts from the mental traps weighing you down. You can be utterly transformed.

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