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Las Vegas Cannabis Reviews
High Times calls for High Travels

Interview with High Times VP of Content Jon Cappetta High Times calls for High Travels Contributor: Asia Mayfield Time to travel, stoners. Destination?

Extraction Magazine
Hydrocarbon Solvent Removal using Vacuum Ovens - Extraction Magazine

Forget about flower. Many cannabis connoisseurs are turning to concentrates. In the first three months of 2018, dispensaries using the online database Leafly to track their inventories added more than 300,000 new extracts to their menus. The number represented a whopping 600% increase over the previous year, in three months alone!

Terpenes and Testing Magazine
Cannabis and the Benefits of Laughing - Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Good news goofy, giggly cannabis consumers! Laughing is an advantageous phenomenon. While scientific research has provided some theories, the exact physical and psychological reasons have not been fully elucidated. [1] Laughter is a social ice-breaker. If you can make someone laugh, it'll be easier to forge a connection.

CBD Health and Wellness
Comparisons of varieties of ways to Ingest CBD - CBD Health and Wellness

U.S. cannabis consumers can now appreciate a variety of products. When you walk into a dispensary you're confronted with a dizzying array of cannabinoid and terpene-laden items. If you live in a state that hasn't legalized cannabis, you have the option of purchasing CBD online. CBD is so popular that experts predict the market will...

Extraction Magazine
2018 Farm Bill: Hemp Legalized - Extraction Magazine

At the end of 2018, President Trump quietly signed the 2018 Farm Bill, legalizing hemp nationwide. The legislation is being heralded as a game-changer by the cannabis industry. Maligned by the federal government for years, hemp-derived CBD is now expected to flourish. Consumers in every state can legally purchase raw hemp materials.

CBD Health and Wellness
Mixology: CBD in Adult Beverages - CBD Health and Wellness

Getting drunk with CBD? Mixologists and brewers are now mixing alcohol and cannabinoids. Step inside a trendy West Coast bar and you might see a drink like "Pineapple Express" on the menu, an infused, fruity concoction. With these new drinks, dosing your body with CBD doesn't have to feel like taking medicine.

CBD Health and Wellness
CBD: Questions a First Time User Will Have - CBD Health and Wellness

CBD has riveted the country's attention. The powerful cannabinoid is linked with a bevy of health benefits. Federal restrictions and negative views toward cannabis for years have shielded consumers from accurate information of CBD's true benefits. 10 U.S. states have now legalized recreational cannabis. As the market opens, people are falling in love with CBD....

Extraction Magazine
Subcritical Versus Supercritical CO2 Extractions | Extraction Magazine

Modern cannabis concentrate manufacturers are increasingly turning toward carbon dioxide (CO 2) extractions. It's a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly way to create potent concentrates saturated with cannabinoids and terpenes. Supercritical CO 2 extractions are the most common, but they're not the sole method that professionals use. Subcritical CO 2 extractions are also performed.

Terpenes and Testing Magazine
Solid Phase Microextraction - Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Analytical chemists working in the cannabis industry are working overtime to keep up with the demands of new regulations. Legalized cannabis is a giant boon for millions of people but it introduces a host of challenges. As cannabis is dragged out of the underworld and into the spotlight, consumers' demands are changing.

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Image source: Eglin Air Force Base CBD and PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a potentially crippling disorder that affects millions of Americans. Common treatment methods revolve pharmaceutical medications. This can be a very effective strategy, but it can also backfire. The wrong ant...

Cannabis Reviews

Las Vegas Cannabis Reviews
How to Get High When You're Broke Review June 2019

You're broke. THIS CONTENT SPONSORED BY: But you want to get stoned. Here's the good news- weed is legal and you're in Las Vegas! You have options. You are no longer forced to wrangle with an exasperated dealer for a $5 sack if you want to get stoned.

Las Vegas Cannabis Reviews
8-Fold Inferno OG Review June 2019

THIS CONTENT SPONSORED BY: I'm torn on The Dispensary. Here's why. Their Henderson location is hard to find if you're a tourist. The dispensary is defiantly and openly geared toward locals. It's located directly off the freeway yet there are no signs leading the way. It's buried in a large office park.

Las Vegas Cannabis Reviews
Tahoe Hydroponics Peanut Butter Breath Review June 2019

THIS CONTENT SPONSORED BY: Rare 50/50 Hybrid Strain When it comes to Peanut Butter Breath by Tahoe Hydroponics, you have options. You can buy a single gram preroll or you can buy flower buds. If you don't have a grinder but you still want to smoke out of a pipe or bong, grab a preroll.

Las Vegas Cannabis Reviews
GBH Cultivation Labs Bruce Banner Review June 2019

THIS CONTENT SPONSORED BY: Top Notch the Health Center: Bruce Banner GBH Cultivation Labs Sativa Dominant Strain So. Let's talk about Bruce Banner. No, I'm not talking about the Marvel hero currently dominating movie theaters. I'm talking about a different green beast. Bruce Banner is fantastic weed.


Conservative Daily Post
Developing: 12-Strong Armada Heads Toward Syria, Largest Since 2013 Strike

The U.S. Navy launched a massive response this week to the threat developing in Syria. An armada comprised of 12 warships is currently streaming toward the troubled country. It's the greatest show of Naval force since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the largest U.S.

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The Complicated Rise of Interventional Cardiologists

The Complicated Rise of Interventional Cardiologists Cardiac surgeons and cardiologists are at war. In one corner stands the surgeons, representing the traditional approach to heart health. In the other corner stand the interventional cardiologists, doctors who are striving to bring a newer, l...


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Stem Cells and Muscle Repair

Stem Cells and Muscle Repair Stem cells can be incredibly useful for muscle repair. Large swaths of the population could benefit from the treatment. Professional athletes, those suffering from muscle diseases, and the elderly need a solid muscle repair strategy. Muscle stem cells repair the...

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Most people want to improve their appearance. Men and women dream about eradicating the small lines and folds etched onto their faces. A procedure like Botox is a wonderful way to remove wrinkles, but it's not the only to appear younger. Your facial volume is also important. That's why dermal fil...

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Everything You Need to Know About Root Canals

Everything You Need to Know About Root Canals Root canals inspire terror. People who are anxious about dental procedures are often particularly worried about root canals. But should they be? The procedure is performed in order to save an infected tooth without having to pull it out. Modern ...

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Breast Revision

Breast implant revision surgery becomes necessary when a woman no longer enjoys the appearance of her breasts or when she's experiencing complications from her first augmentation surgery. The procedure usually involves removing or replacing the patient's breast implants. Many women love their...


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Using a VPS with WordPress

Using a VPS with WordPress You're an experienced WordPress pro, and you're ready to move from managed WordPress hosting to running your own Virtual Private Server [VPS]. It's a daunting task, but if you want full control over your site, it has to be done. What do you need to know?

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Is it Time to Sell Your House

Is it Time to Sell Your House? Is it a good time to put your house on the market? It's not an easy question to answer. There are bits of conventional wisdom that you can apply, like putting up the first "for sale" sign in the spring.


The Healing Properties of Yoga

People turn to yoga to heal their bodies and soothe their pain. A gentle session can calm your anxiety. Studies show that yoga can have a profound effect on your body and mind, freeing your thoughts from the mental traps weighing you down. You can be utterly transformed.

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