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A seasoned copywriter, blogger, social media maven and business coach, I help emerging and established brands tell their signature story with panache. My background in both corporate marketing and entrepreneurship spans a range of verticals, including health care, sustainable living/green business, vital aging, startups, and the business/technology interface. Former Personal Health columnist for Nation's Business magazine.

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Coffee to keep you ahead of the curve.

VIVIC is the carbonated, ready to drink coffee that suits your active lifestyle: Healthy. Creative. Authentic. Fun. At VIVIC, we don’t follow trends. We create them. Our direct trade coffee is infused with innovation and real ingredients, making it remarkably refreshing.


Eimex views technology in a different light. We provide breakthrough consulting in laser and optics technologies, at the intersection of physics, engineering and computer science.
Digital Marketing Glossary

A series of 38 digital marketing icons created for, posted to visual platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Living Water Colonic Institute
Electro Lymphatic Therapy

If you've ever woken up with puffy eyes, sinus congestion and a feeling of overall malaise, you've been personally introduced to your lymphatic system. Lymph is a natural body fluid, and the lymphatic system, a secondary circulatory system to the blood, is one of the body’s natural waste removal systems.


PATCA's mission is to be your success partner: the trusted source you turn to when you need the expert edge. As a non-profit organization created specifically to help businesses and independent consultants connect, we provide clients with direct access to a network of the highest caliber professional and technical consultants in over 200 disciplines, absolutely free, to client businesses.

Landing Page: SEO Guidebook

Did you play hide and seek as a child? Of course you did. And it was fun. But when it comes to your digital footprint, this approach is a guaranteed fail. To be found online, you cannot hide, waiting for someone to find you. You need SEO: search engine optimization. Why? Because people's attention spans are short. Very short. And the Internet is vast. Someone seeking what you offer will click on the first search result that sounds right. Let's make sure it's yours. This SEO...

Client Blogs
8 Ways to Make the Sustainable Choice

Living more sustainably is part of our life ethic. But who has time to research the cleanest, greenest products out there? We do. From makeup to deodorant, groceries to lingerie, eco bedding to eco baby sleepers, edible drinking straws to a calming coffee alternative, Greenhaus has sourced eight innovators who are pioneering sustainable living products that support both people and planet. Each of them starts with a story.

Why Do Good People Quit Your Company?

Ciao, Adios, Sayonara, Pa, Auf Wiedersehen, Sampai Jumpa… Emily was an ideal hire: smart, ambitious, with the precise skill set you need in a developer. Yet just five months into her new position, she quit. Jacob sounded like a fine fit on paper: a dedicated team player, eager to help your startup take flight. But he quit after a week! Lee seemed very happy in his position, initially. Two years later, when your company went through a restructuring, he suddenly gave notice. What’s...
Reimagining Home — And Travel

New nomadic ways to live location independent are a nexus of work, travel, and adventure, providing both connection and potential companionship — an attractive invitation for seniors traveling solo, as well as with friends and spouses. Here's how you can "romance the road" safely, and immerse yourself in new environments for however long it suits you.
Taxi Driver: How Self-Driving Cars Will Change Your Life

It was only a matter of time until we designed the ultimate "robot": a fully automated chauffeur that allows us to be asleep at the wheel, without inviting disastrous results. Self-driving cars give the Beatles tune Drive My Car an entirely new meaning.

Area Agency on Aging 1-B
10 Essential Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Seniors

The residents of Ikaria, a Greek Island for which the mythical Icarus is named, are among the healthiest, longest-lived people on Earth. Is it something in the water? How can American seniors achieve similar results?

Spill Hero
A Lot Abalone

If you’re a mollusk, no matter how brave you might be, you need a champion to survive. Especially if you’re an edible ear shell prized by humans. We’re talking, of course, about abalone. Depending on where in the world you dwell, abalone have been used for food, jewelry, buttons, buckles, and sport fishing.
Wash This Way: Natural Beauty With An Environmental Ethic

In Hinduism, "Maya" means the power by which the universe becomes manifest. Maya Christensen, founder of Cut.le.crap, embodies this definition as it pertains to eco body care. The co-founder and director of Cut.le.crap believes natural beauty is about regaining control: knowing what's in your personal care products so you can make informed choices that benefit your health and the planet's health.

Kensington Park Senior Living
Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine: How to Strengthen Your "Amuse" System

We can laugh our way to health, as journalist Norman Cousins described in his groundbreaking memoir of recovery from a life-threatening condition. Research shows laughter decreases stress hormones, builds “good” cholesterol, and lowers a senior’s risk of heart disease by reducing arterial inflammation. So how can we get our daily dose of giggles and guffaws? Children laugh much more often each day than adults do, and they also have ten or twenty times the amount of energy as adults. This...

Kensington Place Redwood City
Technology Disruption in the Senior Living Industry

As 10,000 U.S. Boomers retire daily (which continues until 2029, when the youngest Boomers turn 65), this massive market “now has a kind of tech fluency that we’ve never seen before,” says tech luminary Alexis Ohanian, who is investing in elder technologies, including startups Voyage, an autonomous car company; Papa, which provides rentable grandchildren, and a secure banking service for seniors.

Thought Leadership Sponsored Content

Automating the customer journey: Making marketing personal AND scalable

Between social media, email, and the plethora of platforms designed to support a business in 2015, many companies assume marketing will be a slam-dunk. Yet even with a website, blog, Twitter, and Facebook, they find e-blasts can generate more unsubscribes than orders, and the bottom line is stagnant. What gives?

Got data? How's that working for you?

Mission-motivated. Dashboard-driven. KPIs. Marketers are buzzword masters when discussing marketing strategy with top management. But are they in the driver's seat when it comes to maximizing their data? There are four kinds of data a marketer might use to create exceptional customer journeys.

Changing channels: The right approach to multichannel marketing automation

For many customers, it's a mobile-first world. But that doesn't mean they're exclusively mobile, or use just one mobile device. How can marketing automation support a multichannel approach to ensure you remain relevant to your customer? Marketing automation is about mapping through the touch points at every stage of the customer journey: engaging the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Hunger Games: How "Culinary Currency" is reshaping the food industry

Millennials are hungry - not just for inspired meals, but for the connection they represent, says Eve Turow, author of A Taste of Generation Yum. And while half of the 80 million American Millennials identify as "foodies", this is a cross-cultural, generational phenomenon.

Step away from the sweets: New models for healthy eating on the go

You know the feeling: that mid-afternoon slump when M&Ms, or salted chips and a soda, will revive flagging energy so you can finish that report or get through the next meeting. Even though the pick-me-up will soon send your blood sugar crashing, it's what's on offer at the vending machine downstairs.

How to See Yourself As An Artist

Are you an artist? You’re probably thinking, “no, not me.” Here in the West, we’ve been taught to squelch our creative impulse — especially at work. In other cultures people live as natural artisans, creating sand paintings and song, poetry and architecture, drumming and dancing in tune with the rhythms of the Earth.
Welcome to Your Beautiful, Deadly New Home

Fresh paint. Window treatments. Stain-resistant couch. Plush wall-to-wall carpeting. What a fabulous place! Yet soon after moving in, you start sneezing. Then come the headaches. Fatigue. Joint pain. Brain fog... You can be a non-smoker, organically oriented and fit, as I was, and still develop symptoms that mimic allergies and confound medical professionals.
Do You Eat Like A Bachelor?

I was standing at the kitchen sink, sectioning and devouring a juicy orange, when my housemate Joe walked in. "You eat like a bachelor!" he exclaimed, amused. "Take a plate and sit at the table." But I was being practical: the orange was so juicy it made more sense to peel and eat it over the sink.

Smith's Lawyers
Why You Can't Just "Get Over" Anxiety

If you've been injured on the job or on the road, you were probably pretty shaken up at the time. That's natural. What people don't talk about is ongoing anxiety, the kind that doesn't go away once an accident is history. Suppose you're physically recovered from a car crash, yet still feel tense and worried most of the time. Your mates might say, "Get over it!"

UberHealth: Caring for aging parents from afar

Getting your elderly parents to see a doctor can be tough. "I'm fine," they quaver, though that "little cough" could be bronchitis - or the spike in blood pressure may signal heart disease. Yet it's not only a question of persuasion; there's also the matter of managing a senior's health when you live halfway around the world.

Northbay biz
Sensible Beauty: Passive House Ushers in the Ultimate Sustainable Shelter

When people initially hear about Passive House, they tend to think of passive solar, but there are several crucial distinctions. While both passive solar and Passive House construction make use of the sun and southerly exposure, Passive House relies on maximum insulation and exceeds LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) requirements.


Cirgon, Inc.
Cirgon brochure

Your memories may not fade with time, but photos do. It's disappointing to recall a picture-perfect day — while looking at pictures that are damaged, discolored, or dirty. Fortunately, Cargo's digital photo services cantering your memories back to life, in glorious color and quality.

REMap brochure

Every real estate investor seeks a low risk, high gain opportunity. But predicting market fluctuations has been the province of seers — until now. REMap takes the guesswork out of real estate investing with its proprietary forecasting and mapping tool, which predicts future value with a high degree of reliability, delivered in a user-friendly design.

Accretive Solutions
Start Up Services data sheet

You handle the dream. We'll take care of the rest. Think of Accretive Solutions as your accounting and administrative partner. From executive-level CFO services to board reporting, business plan assistance to bank relations, we provide the full range of accounting, finance, and HR services that early stage companies need.

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