Amani Wells

Conent Manager ( Copywriter, Social Media Manager, Conenet Marketer)

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Elevating your business through the power of engaging social media content, and action provoking copywriting & content marketing.

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How to be a Marketing Maven | Beauty Bloggers

Every beauty boss knows that marketing of some sort is needed in order to stay a float in business. But what is the proper way to go about executing a marketing strategy? How can you tell if it's really working? Are you getting a return on your investments?

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How to Use Social Media to Elevate Your Business

As we all know , (or at least we should know) social media is the best way to advertise your businesses and services in 2017. Those days of TV ads, newspaper listings and physical flyers are slowly disappearing into the horizon as we move forward into the digital age.

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Being Intentional Gets You Further | Ideas for your beauty business

Furthering your business is going to take less spontaneity and more intentional planning and strategy. It's nice to have dreams for your business, and goals that you want to reach. But, having a plan and being proactive is what's going to get you there.

Amani J. Wells
Defeating the enemy's attacks

We all go through things in our lives that seem unfair. That seem irredeemable. That seem completely life shattering and destructive. But Im here to tell you that there IS another side to that. You are allowed to be sad and to be hurt. To have questions as to why this had to happen.

Amani J. Wells
I'm a Superwoman and so are You

Whose to say that you can't have beauty and brains? Fleek and Geek? Those things are not only possible but easily achievable. You are allowed to slay with your WHOLE life. To be beat, sleek, laid and have some hustle and ambition about yourself as well. Don't let stereotypes put you in a box.