Amanda Tust


United States

I'm a freelance journalist and content strategist based in Longmont, Colorado.

Most of my writing focuses on health and wellness, and I conduct fact-checking and research for articles and nonfiction books on a range of topics.

My regular projects include editing for Verywell Health and fact-checking for Smithsonian magazine. I've also worked as a senior editor for Yoga Journal, a content producer for AIM Healthy U, and a research editor for Cosmopolitan.

Architectural Digest
How to Plant Grass Seed: 9 Easy Steps to a Lush Lawn

It takes about two to four weeks for new grass to grow completely. Once your lawn is taking shape, return to regular care to maintain your grass. "Grass grows best in full sun," Angelov notes. To keep turfgrass from drying out, it needs thorough watering once a week.

Yoga Journal
The Science of Compassion

Researchers are studying a myriad of powerful ways compassion practices can improve health and strengthen relationships. Here, we look at the latest findings so you can take a glimpse into what happens in your body and mind when you treat yourself and others with more care.

Yoga Journal
Vastu 101: How to Make Your Home A Healing Sanctuary

Ever feel an immediate sense of ease when you walk into a room that's clean and clutter-free? Perhaps the furniture is functional and comfy, and there is plenty of open space. Or maybe your eye is drawn to a beautiful painting or lush plant, and gentle sunlight pours in through a window.

The Healthy
How to Use an AED: The Device That Saved My Life

A bystander's fast action with an automated external defibrillator, or AED, saved Danny Berger's life after he went into sudden cardiac arrest during a basketball practice. When Danny Berger, 29, woke up in a hospital room in Salt Lake City eight years ago, his first thought was that he must be late for his college basketball game.

The Bump
12 Yoga Moves to Help Alleviate Your Pregnancy Pains

Pregnancy stretches us to our limits, prompting an assortment of aches and pains-from round ligament pain to back pain, gas pain and more, most moms-to-be become intimately familiar with some discomfort along their pregnancy journey. The good news? There's something to be done about it!

Yoga Journal
Dig Deep to Heal and Change Your Life

The process that leads to change can be fiercely difficult. Here, yoga and meditation teachers share personal stories of the messy work of self-discovery and their best tools and tips for tapping into your own inner wisdom, love, and curiosity-so you can allow for real healing.

Yoga Journal
Into the Mystic

Psychedlics are having a moment. Psychiatrists are administering magic mushrooms in medical centers while yogis host ceremonies with psychoactive tea. This resurgence in research and recreational use may have something to teach us about spiritual enlightenment. Here, we explore the potential role of psychedelics within a yoga practice or as therapeutic treatment.

Runner's World
How to Use Your Run to Power Up Your Brain

Feeling stuck? Going for a run often makes it easier to solve challenges and come up with fresh ideas. Now research from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland is offering some explanation. Two studies conducted by psychology lecturer Lynden Miles, Ph.D., indicate that your mind associates forward motion with the future.