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Amanda ReCupido is an author, book reviewer, playwright, Moth storyteller and podcaster whose work has appeared in Forbes, McSweeney’s, Funny or Die, Chicago Parent, and various humor and literary publications. Her writing has been recognized in Coverfly’s Launch Pad Top 100 and as a two-time ScreenCraft semifinalist.

Anti-Heroin Chic
Recipe for an Eating Disorder by Amanda ReCupido

Recipe for an Eating Disorder​ Fill her with ideals. Show her the many ways she will never meet these ideals. Have her witness her friends exercise their calves on the elementary school blacktop. Implant doubts. Have the boys in her class, also young, begin to reinforce these ideals and doubts.

Lies I've Told My Therapist
Amanda's story - Lies I've Told My Therapist

Content/trigger warning: sexual assault] I thought I knew when my assault happened to me. It was nearly textbook-someone handed me pills, and I blacked out. But see, they handed them to me, and I took them, and I was already drunk, but I had asked for food and they promised they would get me some, but handed me pills instead.

The Moment We Almost Had It All

My husband and I like to joke that we almost had a threesome on a trip to Dublin. It's a fun dinner party anecdote to playfully shock our friends, all open-minded people, but most in heterosexual monogamous relationships. "No!" they exclaim, and we beam with delight.

Emily in Paris and Toxic Work Culture in America - The Conjuncture

Photo courtesy: Emily Branchu/NETFLIX, Modified by The Conjuncture I stopped watching season two of Emily in Paris after the first few episodes. "It's dumb," I told friends. After all, hadn't we all eye rolled our way through the first season as Lily Collins fell in love and wore a beret and made cringe jokes about Lou Malnati's pizza?

BONUS EPISODE- "American Girl" with Amanda ReCupido

Listen to this episode from I Swear This Really Happened on Spotify. Amanda ReCupido is a writer, humorist, and storyteller - and she's shared a story from her life with us, in her very own voice. Posted here on Patreon first.Twitter @amandarecupidoMedium @amandarecupido.___________Instagram: @sydneydavisjrjr / @i_swear_podcastTwitter: @SydneyDavisJrJr / @I_Swear_PodcastWebsite: sydneydavisjrjr.comPatreon: Sydney Davis Jr.

McSweeney's Internet Tendency
Amanda ReCupido

Celebrating our 21st Year! Celebrating our 21st year of publishing daily humor almost every day.

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Scary Mommy
The 'Two Week Wait' Is The Hardest Part

It was the call we didn't want to make. One more month, we said, calculating time on our fingers. When my husband Matt and I arrived at the fertility specialist's office in January 2017, I sized up the other couples waiting around us, taking a long look at the woman alone on her cell phone.