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United States

The first story I remember writing was called “A Ladder to Nowhere”, it was in fifth grade. I don’t really remember what it was about, except it was a ladder that went nowhere. What I do remember is how I felt when I completed it. The feeling of completion, using my voice to engage an audience and the way words connect people. As I have grown as a person and a writer I hope to continue engaging and connecting with others and lending my voice so others can be heard.

How the Military Was Voted Happiest Place to Work Over Corporations

When designing your workplace culture, your first thought is probably not to look at the US military for guidance, but maybe it should be. Surprisingly, four US military branches beat out several Fortune 500 Companies for the happiest places to work in 2010.

Is Physical Therapy Worth It? - In Motion O.C.

Whether you're experiencing pain or are recovering from an injury, physical therapy could be a big step towards a more comfortable life. But is it really worth your time? Our guide will outline the benefits of physical therapy from back pain to sports injuries and show you why PT is worth it.

Top 5 Benefits of Coconut Oil For Endometriosis

Endometriosis is affecting your quality of life. Painful flare-ups, digestive problems, and stress are stealing joyous moments. You've tried several treatments, but none are improving your symptoms. You feel trapped by your endometriosis with little help in sight. But there is hope: Coconut oil may be able to provide

Introducing the New Delivering Happiness Podcast

The Delivering Happiness Bus is back! [it is in a different form but shares the same purpose] For those who do not remember The Bus Tour or are not familiar with The Book [it is a bestseller], we'll catch you up to speed.

Top 3 Challenges Leaders Face in the Future of Work [Free Toolkit]

The future of work is now. It was ushered in by a worldwide pandemic that rapidly swept across the globe. Business leaders, like yourself, scrambled to transition their teams, moving to virtual workplaces, and reducing hours. This transition included reevaluating previously set goals and pushing back planned campaigns and projects.

Portland Tree Service Co.
Honl Tree Care - Services, Rates, Customer Service, Reviews, and More - Portland Tree Service

Consultations - examines your tree service needs and provides all of the available options to meet your needs. Tree protection plans - treatment plans, usually consist of three stages, that will give your trees the best chance of survival. Arborist reports - documents the condition of your trees, lists any issues, damages or concerns, and diagnoses the cause of any issues.