Amanda Llewellyn

Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer, Communications Pro

I am a writer and communications professional with more than 20 years of experience working in public relations, community outreach, digital marketing, fundraising, professional writing, and journalism.

I've spent more than a decade as a freelancer and a staff writer for a number of publications, including the Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Houston Chronicle, and The Santa Monica Observer.

I’ve worked on campaigns for small businesses, nightclubs, high-profile business gurus, non-profit organizations, and celebrities. I’m also the creator of “Perfect Pitch,” a series of classes designed to help PR professionals and executives understand how to better work with journalists and create an angle for almost any story idea.

Throughout my career, I’ve written about a variety of topics from entertainment to politics to crime. More extensively, however, I have worked as a professional ghostwriter, grant writer, author and copywriter, created original online content for websites such as Nevada State College, produced online videos, managed a newsroom of ten people and created press kits for colleges, individuals and private businesses.

Vegas Seven
Haven Craft Goes Beyond Magic - Vegas Seven

The full moon hung low in the midnight sky, its incandescent glow illuminating the quiet forest below. The old woman swayed slowly in the circle, her naked body covered in a ritual ointment designed to invoke a doorway to another world where an archetypal initiation of sorts awaits all those who participate.
The monster that doesn't discriminate

The day Lauren Alta's well-manicured life began to unravel started with a simple phone call. Alta, a communications professional with a newborn daughter, a beautiful four-bedroom home in Rhodes Ranch and a handsome, passionate artist husband, phoned her bank when her debit card was declined at the check-out where she was buying a new car seat and baby food.

Las Vegas Review-Journal
Resident finds peace in cultural music

Spring Valley resident Dennis Petersen was in his late 50s when he found peace . Now 61, the warehouse manager had never imagined himself as a musician, but when a fascination with Native American culture led to the purchase of a Native American flute, Petersen said his life changed.
Finding an exit from a life on the streets

It's early June, and the suffocating mid-summer heat hasn't yet consumed the valley like an angry, perpetually plugged-in blow dryer. It's warm, but bearable. At least, for those who can gain reprieve from the moderately high temperatures. But for people who live on the streets of Las Vegas, summer can be deadly.

Houston Chronicle
Man arrested with $164,000 in narcotics

While on patrol, Deputy I. Diaz with Harris County Constable Precinct 4 became suspicious of a vehicle he spotted on the North Hardy Toll Road. He checked the license plates and found the car was listed as stolen from Coweta County, Ga. Diaz followed as the vehicle exited the Hardy Toll Road and turned onto FM 1960.

Las Vegas Review-Journal
Woman says riding bike gives her independence, helps environment

It's never too late to do a little bit to save our planet. That's Spring Valley resident Janet Snyder's philosophy. The 70-year-old "Army widow" rides her bicycle everywhere. "It's a lifestyle choice that isn't for everyone," she said. "But it makes me happy. I do it for me.

Las Vegas Review-Journal
Richard Cherchio appointed to North Las Vegas City Council seat

Members of the North Las Vegas City Council voted unanimously Wednesday during a special meeting to appoint community activist Richard Cherchio, 62, to the vacant Ward 4 council seat. His term begins immediately. The seat was vacated by Councilwoman Shari Buck, who was elected mayor last month.

Houston Chronicle
Local woman poses for breast cancer calender

Barb Wells was both flattered and surprised to be chosen for the project, spearheaded by photographer Alisa Murray. Wells has been cancer-free for the past five years. "A friend referred me to the photographer for their annual calendar," Wells said. "I got to pick my birthday month, February.