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Amanda's professional experiences include working as the Web Editor for LA Canvas Magazine and contributing work to VH1, Vice, Global Grind, and LA Focus Magazine. She also has a personal blog where she publishes op-ed's and creative pieces.

30 Days in LA: Sampha, Kelsey Lu and Serpentwithfeet

Night one of 30 days in LA was beyond memorable with the most unexpected and yet eerily cohesive line-up we've experience yet. RedBull Sound Select brought together Serpentwithfeet, a unique character who self-described his music as "Pagan Gospel"; Kelsey Lu, a classical cellist with a powerful otherworldly voice, and Sampha, the soulful electronic phenom who hasn't stopped impressing us since his early days working with SBTRKT.

Everything You Need to Know About Virginia Black Whiskey

"What ever happened to just having a good time and enjoying your drink?" Seriously. These days it seems like most of us are more worried about how drunk we can get, not caring about the hole we're burning through our chest or passing up drinking all together for other less painful recreational drugs.

30 Days in LA: Q&A with Bibi Bourelly

Living in a society that values the fake over the real is tough shit, we know. That's why we tend to get excited when we come across true artistry. Bibi Bourelly is one of those very few new-age performers who embodies that enigmatic persona so many people have tried to emulate yet fall short of.

Gregory Siff 's Portrait of an American Ice Cream Man

This past weekend, acclaimed multimedia artist Gregory Siff debuted his new collection of artwork in his DTLA studio. The series is sentimentally named Portrait of an American Ice Cream Man, inspired by Siff's beloved childhood neighborhood ice cream man, Gus. The collection is strong in it's purpose to bring happiness and a nostalgic sense of simpler times to its viewers.

Inside Look: Rachel Comey's First LA Store

New York fashion designer, Rachel Comey has decided to make her mark here in the west coast by opening an earthy and artfully designed store on Melrose Ave., within the fashion hub of West Hollywood. Only the second shop for the long time cult favorite, Comey opened her first location in 2014 on Crosby st.

5 Lemonade Contributors You Should Know

Beyoncé broke the internet once again with the release of her second visual album, Lemonade. The project provided us with stunning visuals, political statements, hilarious memes and an eclectic mix of music that speaks to her evolution as an artist.

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Taylor Swift Switched Up Her Hair and Everyone Cares + More Beauty News

By Amanda Jolicoeur-Louis The drought is officially over. For weeks we've been begging for more news about what pop music's sweetheart has been up to and here it is! *que drumroll* Taylor Swift debuted a new hairstyle this weekend at Liberty Ross' birthday bash in LA.

Party Animals: Roaring Nights at LA Zoo is Back!

The LA Zoo is back at it again with the tunes and are kicking off their annual summer music series, Roaring Nights, on June 24th in the most nostalgic manner. Featuring live music from the cover band "Saved by the 90's," expect to sing and dance your heart out to classic jams by BackStreet Boys, Goo Goo Dolls, Smash Mouth, Weezer, Blink-182 and Alanis Morissette.