Amanda DeFiore

Creative Writer + Editor

Location icon United States of America

I have a strengthened background in international editorial and marketing, which has allowed me to unify the perfect balance of copy and visual assets with publication. I am both highly imaginative and analytical which contributes to my creative expression and keen awareness to detail. My cultural blend and eagerness to contribute is both adaptive and dynamic in varying team settings. I visualize with forward thinking and communicate this vision through innovative ideas and a fast turnaround on captivating, written features.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Blog

With just two words and a ton of features for your blogging success: is your go to for all your blogging needs! Thankfully, it's highly reliable and you can get started with minimal costs. If you choose WordPress, you won`t regret it!

30 Day Blog Challenge
8 Powerful Habits Every Successful Blogger Has

Calling all bloggers! There's actually such thing as habits you can adopt that will lead you to becoming a successful blogger. In fact, there's a multitude of them. Numbers show that only with only 30 minutes of consistent practice a day, you can cultivate a new habit into your daily routine!

30 Day Blog Challenge
Branding Yourself! Make Your Blog Stand Out!

When a beginner blogger hears the word 'branding', they may instantly roll an eye or two. This is because they believe that only large companies have to brand their vision and that branding yourself simply isn't a necessity for them. It's natural for some to think this way.

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5 Blogging Skills That Will Lead to Success

Picture This: You've finally done it! You did the legwork and figured out how to create a blog. From there you made a pretty good-looking website and you've even started publishing some riveting content. However, you notice that there hasn't been much traffic or activity on your site.

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Niche Blogs: How to Choose the Right Niche for You

Your favorite niche bloggers all began like this... They found themselves scrolling through the internet checking out niche blogs, subscribing to their best-loved channels. Slowly gathering inspiration... Researching the 'how-to's' of blogging... and then suddenly, they were hit with an immense stroke of 'I'm doing this!

Why 2016 Was Not The Worst Year Ever

With all the highs and lows in 2016, Bargainfox has collected 73 of the most viral stories of 2016 in an infographic for your viewing.