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I am a trained journalist with three years of experience. In my time as a reporter and editor, I've become a unique and interesting storyteller, with a dedication to accuracy and excellent news judgement. I spent the last two years as an editor and writer at a business magazine, and now I'm looking to connect with readers in a new way.

'Dirty jobs' in danger? Mike Rowe weighs in on America's growing skills gap

Every morning when you wake up, you flip a switch and the lights, incredibly, turn on. You turn the handle on a faucet and clean water, as if by magic, flows out. You put your garbage out on collection day, and by the time you return home from the office, it's as if it never existed at all.

Urban Stems is ready to turn the flower-delivery industry upside down

Valentine's Day might seem like the perfect time to introduce your flower-delivery business to the world. But for a startup with not-yet-optimized processes, shorter time windows than any other florist and an incredible volume of orders, "it was just a killer," says Ajay Kori, co-founder of Washington, DC-based UrbanStems. The company launched officially on Valentine's Day 2014, and by the end of the day, the team couldn't believe it had made it through.

Patagonia is building a more transparent supply chain - and you can too

In 2013, more than 1,100 people were killed, and 2,000 more were injured, when an eight-story building that housed clothing factories collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Despite visible cracks in the building and employee concerns, some workers say they were forced to enter the building anyway, or risk losing their jobs.

Going green simplified: Save the environment, and money too

Each year, the National Aquarium in Baltimore saves $230,000 on energy costs. Those savings are not the result of cost-cutting measures that leave visitors shivering and fish in the dark. They're the result of going green. In fact, the aquarium's CEO, John Racanelli, has made conservation part of the aquarium's mission - and that is making a difference beyond the organization's balance sheet.

Boulder Weekly
Falling in love with Bhutan - Boulder Weekly

Bhutan is not an easy place to get to, or to get around in. Just getting to Bhutan costs a small fortune, but for Clyda Stafford, the price was worth it. According to the Tourism Council of Bhutan's website, Bhutan's national airline - in fact, its only airline ­- is Druk Air.