Alyssa Eby


Location icon United States of America

I'm a writing and marketing student at Bluffton University. I waste my time watching movies with friends, eating french fries and refining my writing skill.

An assignment I was given in the 5th grade is what sparked my desire to be a writer. My teacher told me my short story, which was based on a magazine cut out of a squirrel, would make a great children's story. From that day forward I haven't been able to put my pencil down, my mind constantly churning with new ideas.

I pride myself with my determination and organizational skills as well as being a strong team player.

On occasion I have also been told I write well-very well. But I'll let my work speak for itself, poke around and enjoy!




Students: staying on campus builds community

Some Bluffton University students are concerned the campus can feel empty on the weekends, even though the university housing policy requires most students to live on campus. The university housing policy requires all undergraduate students to live on campus in resident housing unless they chose to live at home.

Student tutors offer additional assistance to peers

By Alyssa Eby The word tutor tends to have a negative connotation attached to it. Students know it implies they are struggling and it is often frowned upon by peers. "In high school I never would have even considered going to a tutor for help," said freshman Jennie Matteson.

New outdoor basketball courts are a slam dunk

By Alyssa Eby Bluffton University's 2015-16 school year marked the opening of new basketball courts located outside Hirschy Annex Hall courtesy of Student Senate after a summer of construction. Sommer Center and Founders Hall are the indoor basketball courts available to students.

Building a home away from home: 5 tips for long distance students

by Alyssa Eby The friendly and comfortable atmosphere of Bluffton's campus is a major factor in drawing students to attend the university. A majority of these students are from Ohio and are only a few hours from home, if not closer.

Homecoming traditions live on

On October 9th Bluffton University's homecoming committee hosted Build-a-Beaver in Bob's Place. The homecoming committee had at least one event planned each evening for students to enjoy leading up to homecoming weekend. Build-a-Beaver, though, was the most anticipated throughout campus. Word had spread that there were a limited amount of beavers available to stuff.