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Hello, my name is Alonso Moreno and I am a journalist from El Paso, Texas. Having lived in the United States - Mexico border and now in Central Florida, I have been exposed to a unique blend of lifestyles and cultures that has given me a one of a kind perspective that I bring into everything I do.

What started as a simple desire to convey my feelings about the borderland eventually matured into a passion for all forms of print and digital communication. Besides my journalism experience, most recently I have been a member of The Walt Disney Company, an incredible experience that has taught me everything from world class customer service skills, to the unique magic of Disney storytelling.

Thank you for taking a moment to look at my work. If you like what you see, please feel free to contact me.

The Prospector
Robert Vega escapes 'the pits of hell' to graduate this spring

Robert Vega stands out in a crowd. It might be his tattoos, which offer a slight glimpse into his past or perhaps it's the battle scars he has earned from years of martial arts fighting, or maybe it's the humble, yet intense look in his eyes, which have not only seen years worth of struggle,...

The Prospector
Texas Legislature considers open-carry bill

As Senate Bills 11 and 17 move forward, Texans find themselves closer to the possibility of not only being able to openly carry guns, but also being able to sport concealed firearms at public colleges and universities. On Thursday, Feb. 12, the Texas Senate Affairs Committee approved both bills by votes of 7-2, which will...

The Prospector
Campus carry becomes law

After much deliberation surrounding the controversial bill, the Texas Legislature has approved the campus carry bill, which is now on its way to the governor's desk to be signed into law. On May 31, Senate Bill 11 was approved by the Texas House in conjunction with the approval of the state Senate the previous day....

The Prospector
Texas same-sex couples continue to face challenges for marriage equality

After many in Texas celebrated the first same-sex marriage last month, couples must continue to wait as the Texas Supreme Court issued an emergency order blocking same-sex couples from obtaining any further marriage licenses. Last February, Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant became the first same-sex couple to be granted a marriage license as Judge David...

The Prospector
Suicide second highest cause of death on campuses

Suicide, often a silent and very complex human behavioral problem, continues to be a serious problem on college campuses across the nation. With the rate having tripled since the 1950s, suicide is currently the second-most common cause of death among college students and young adults ages 15-24.


The Walt Disney Legacy Award: Meet Joe

The Walt Disney Legacy Award recognizes Cast Members who embody the values behind the award of "dream, create and inspire." Meet Joe, an award recipient who, through his 18 years of service, has left...

Pet ducks dumped at El Paso lake struggle to survive

EL PASO - Ascarate Park in East-Central El Paso has recently become home to a flock of aggressive, starved and abused birds - primarily ducks - as Easter gifts and unwanted pets have been dumped at the lake.

Graphic Design

Blog Posts

The Prospector
The gold business of CONCACAF

"It's all rigged, they don't deserve to go on through, beyond embarrassing, they bought themselves their way into the final and blatant theft." These are some of the comments or headlines that can be read across different publications and blogs regarding last night's Gold Cup semifinal match between Mexico and Panama.

The Prospector
After the champagne and fireworks, obscurity returns

It took three years for a shot at revenge, 11 months to face the cruel rival who stole their shot at glory, 18 days of work to put it all on the line once more, 90 minutes for redemption and it all will be forgotten in the blink of an eye.

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