Ally Kersel

Fiction Writer / Editor

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I'm a fiction writer and editor based in Scotland. I write across a wide range of genres, my favourites being fantasy and horror.
My work has appeared in a number of publications, online and in print, including LampLight and Storgy Magazine. My short story, "Knock, knock, knuckle bone" will appear in Storgy's upcoming Shallow Creek anthology.

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Isolated from society, immortal engineer, Alexander de Chénier, has created a miraculous machine in imitation of Edinburgh's famous Thus begins Alexander's reintroduction into a world that he thought he had abandoned forever. When he discovers the talented street singer, Sophie Carmichael, and naive student, Daniel Mackenzie, he decides to play a dangerous game.

Dusk & Shiver Magazine
Winter Edition 2019

The Lichen Man | A.L. Kersel In the mid-winter half-light, I crawl on my belly through a courtyard of statues. The snow is claggy and sticks to the fur on my chest. I sniff the air-pine, cinders, wet earth. Not much else. Not these days. The musk of a fox.

FICTION: Anatomy of a Musician by A.L. Kersel -

The Institute is prestigious and stretches skywards accordingly, white walls and grey slate against pebbles and shorn grass, on one side a bramble twist of bracken, on the other, the sea. I have a whistle, humming low and sweet under my breath, and I have a bodhran, skin stretched taught to be pattered by hand and stick.

Poetry by A.L. Kersel

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