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Allison White


Location icon United States

In June 2019, Allison obtained her BA in Screenwriting from Brooklyn College. Since beginning her journey of becoming a writer, she has written multiple features, shorts, spec scripts, and original pilot episodes, some of which you can find below.

Original TV Pilot
River's Prophecy Pilot

River, a girl who can wield lightning, is prophesied to kill the High Priestess. A trio of unlikely friends rise up to help River and circumvent the prophecy.

Original TV Pilot
Rain Rebels Pilot

In this revised take on Rainbow Brite, the Color Kids are all grown up and fighting not only in a war for the control of the galaxy, but each other as well.

Original TV Pilot
Wayne Manor Pilot

A lion tamer comes to town and targets Dick Grayson, the original Robin. He has to band together with his crazy family to beat her, no matter how much they drive him up a wall.

Short Film (2 pages)
Stargazing Nothing

Two friends go stargazing, but all the stars have disappeared.

Short Film (5 pages)
Up a Winding Stair

A young woman seeks shelter from a storm in a seemingly abandoned Victorian mansion.

Short Film (15 pages)
Ready to Fight

A woman learns to stand up for herself when a group of men hassle her for joining their martial arts class.

Short Film (23 pages)

A group of young adults recount their lives with a late friend of theirs.

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