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Allison White


Location icon United States

In June 2019, Allison obtained her B.A. in Screenwriting from Brooklyn College. Since beginning her journey of becoming a writer, she has written several features, shorts, spec scripts, and original pilots, some of which you can find below.

Original TV Pilot
River's Prophecy

River, a girl who can wield lightning, is prophesied to kill the High Priestess. A trio of unlikely friends rise up to help River and circumvent the prophecy.

Original TV Pilot
Rain Rebels

The Star Guardians, an elite group of soldiers trained since birth, are not only fighting a dictator for control of the galaxy, but each other as well.

Original TV Pilot
Wayne Manor

Dick Grayson must band together with his headache-inducing superhero family to put a stop to a lion tamer wreaking havoc on Gotham.

TV Spec Script
Bob's Burgers - Raising the Stakes

The Belcher children are out to prove that their new neighbor is a vampire. Bob and Linda try to win a Halloween contest.

Original TV Pilot
The Four Kingdoms

When the king and queen go missing, their children fight to decide who takes the throne. But when a monster attacks, they find they have to work together to stop it, banking on their own personal strengths to do so.

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