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Award-winning, multi-platform journalist with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation based in Calgary, Alberta.

As my portfolio demonstrates, I'm a versatile and accomplished storyteller who consistently generates original, thoughtful stories that illuminate, probe and entertain.



Fraudulent emails used to cast votes in UCP leadership race, CBC finds | CBC News

Documents obtained by CBC News show email addresses fraudulently attached to Alberta's United Conservative Party (UCP) memberships were used to cast ballots in the party's leadership race, which Jason Kenney won in 2017. There were virtually no safeguards against the practice. CBC News surveyed a list of over 100,000 UCP members and their email addresses.

Songbird Interrupted by adempster

Noise from oil and gas pumps can be a real mood-killer for a male sparrow trying to attract a mate, but a team of biologists in southern Alberta has discovered that songbirds are finding ways to cope. This piece won a national RTDNA in 2019 for excellence in sound.

CBC News
CBC Calgary story Living on Empties wins prestigious award

CBC Calgary reporter Allison Dempster has won a prestigious Gabriel Award for her story Living on Empties, which aired on the Calgary Eyeopener in January 2015. Dempster's story chronicles a day in the life of Russ, a Calgary man who supplements his meager social assistance income by collecting bottles throughout the city's neighbourhoods.

PODCAST: Heroes, Hustlers and Horsemen

The Heroes, Hustlers and Horsemen podcast is history like you haven't heard it before, and a 2018 New York Festivals Radio Awards Finalist. These are whisky-soaked, rough and tumble biographies about larger than life figures who shaped southern Alberta in the tumultuous late 1800s.

What Remains by adempster

This award-winning radio documentary takes an in depth look into an unsettling case involving a funeral home in a small northern Ontario town. Human remains had been mixed up and put in the wrong graves. It aired on the national CBC program, The Current, and won a RTDNA award in the network best long feature category.

Future Factory | CBC News

On this first day of a new year, the program ventures out to the front lines of our autonomous future: from drone farming, to driverless oil sands haul trucks, to robot sushi chefs.

Voice Therapy by adempster

Calgarian Brett Bergie shares her experience with voice therapy as part of her transition.

Wildfire soot darkening glaciers could speed up melt rate, scientists fear | CBC News

When Ben Pelto does his field research on glaciers in the Rocky and Columbia mountains there are distinct perks. The views aren't bad, if you like the breathtaking kind. He also gets to drink water that comes straight from the source. However, on recent visits the water has tasted less like pristine glacier and more like soot.

CBC News
Saskatchewan aims to inflate helium market as U.S. reserve dwindles

A shakeup in the global helium market has sparked an exploration rush in southern Saskatchewan, where the gas can be found in the province's Precambrian basement, trapped in rock that's about 1.8 billion years old. Not just the stuff of birthday balloons, helium is a workhorse of an element, supplying an industry worth an estimated $4.7 billion US.

CBC News
Love and layoffs: Couples must adjust to changing oilpatch

After being married to an oilfield worker for almost 16 years, Rita Belisle is used to having the house to herself - but lately that's changed. Her husband, Sylvain, was laid off six months ago and is spending more time in their slate grey, bi-level in Sylvan Lake, Alta.

Suicide Watch by adempster

Short feature on a rash of teen suicides in Moose Factory, a remote reserve in northern Ontario. It aired on The World This Weekend, May 2010. And won a national RTNDA award for best short feature.

Zanzibar Seaweed Farmers by adempster

An in depth look at the seaweed harvesting industry on Zanzibar Island. Farmers get shillings a day for their harvest, which is destined for various pharmaceutical and food industry products. Aired on the CBC's Dispatches in 2008.

No More INCO by adempster

A debrief on a corporate re-branding exercise in the midst of a historic mining strike in Sudbury, Ontario. Aired on CBC Sudbury's 'Morning North' radio program in 2010.


Oil-by-rail exports rise to new record, says NEB

The National Energy Board says crude-by-rail exports from Canada rose to a record 327,229 barrels per day in October. That represents the first time exports by rail have exceeded 300,000 barrels per day. CBC's Allison Dempster reports.