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I am Abigail Johnson. I am a student at Bethel University, hoping to graduate with a Organizational Communications major and Business minor. I enjoy sports, traveling and spending time with friends and family. I strive to be intentional in my own and others' lives.

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What it feels like... to guide a student's academic career path

By Abigail Johnson|Reporter For the first time in her career, Sara Shady thought to herself, 'If I had a different career, what would it be?' Shady doesn't remember a time she hasn't spent a year in school. Being a professor at Bethel University for 17 years has created many opportunities for Shady, yet now more than ever, she has been challenged.

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Women in business breakfast

By Abigail Johnson | Reporter Bethel University's Business and Economics department invites all undergraduate students, alumni and employees to the Women in Business Breakfast event Nov. 17 from 8:50 to 10:30 a.m. in The Underground. Breakfast will be provided followed by discussion featuring Kristin Pardue.

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Identity crisis

By Abigail Johnson | Clarion Correspondent Tatiana Lee was walking through the woods alone one evening. She remembers her young 5-year-old self being separated from her sister as they walked through the woods in groups, assigned by the Zhukovka orphanage. Racing to find her sister, Lee lost her shoe.