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Award-winning journalist and journalism educator with over 14 years working in publishing, who has a commitment to equitable community and impact stories. Ability to listen and learn from others while managing a team. Mentors students to help them understand and achieve potential, as well as their place in a global community. A tech savvy reporter and educator with a multi-platform nimbleness and appreciation for emerging technologies to enhance reporting.

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VCU Capital New Service

VCU CNS students cover politics and policy in Virginia. They meet tight deadlines and publish quality work with our media partners throughout Virginia. Click here to see their coverage.
Notes from the West Wing: Nine minutes with President Obama

WASHINGTON, D.C. - We stood closely, hushed by the formality of the moment while Secret Service stood nearby, lazily watching us and flanking the doorway that led to another section of the White House. In two minutes the door to the library would swing open and we would step inside for an interview that few will ever have in their career.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
The Devil's Triangle

While Richmond is home to many historic neighborhoods, not all can claim such infamous tales, nor independent revitalization, as the Devil's Triangle. Concentrated efforts in the past six years have transformed this once rough neighborhood into an economic corridor and designation for locals and visitors alike.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
The ABC's of Social Media and Happy Hour

Numerous restaurants in Richmond are violating, some without knowing, some simply disregarding, what many see as an invasive prohibition on social media promotion. Gone are the days of Speakeasies, Prohibition-era liquor establishments, where liquor discreetly flowed for those whose tongues were agile with the correct password for entry.

Cyclists question ordinance to prohibit Brook Road bike lanes

RICHMOND, Va. -Bicycle advocates want two City Council representatives to justify their ordinance to tap the brakes on an already funded plan that would reduce vehicular traffic lanes on Brook Road and install bike lanes in each direction.

Residents offer numerous reasons why GRTC bus stop is terrible for them

RICHMOND, Va. - Though GRTC held more than two dozen public meetings about the Richmond Transit Network Plan and new bus routes, and said they sent a mailer to anyone within 200 feet of a new bus stop, neighborhood representatives held a press conference Tuesday to express surprise and vehement resistance to a bus stop at Davis Avenue and Broad Street that will begin service on June 24.

Richmond Times Dispatch
Yes, there is a story behind RVA shoe tossing

The number of urban legends surrounding these cultural artifacts rivals the shoe collection of Imelda Marcos. All around the globe, people use shoes to decorate power, cable and phone line

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Tattoos in the RVA Workplace

Recently Richmond ranked 3rd of top tattooed cities. So what's the scoop on tatted locals finding work in our fair river city? Face it Richmond. You're surrounded. By art. It flatters the walls of numerous galleries, ornaments our streets and buildings and also adorns the skin of many locals.

The disturbing timeline of Jesse Matthew's sexual violence and murders

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - The timeline of sexual violence committed by convicted killer Jesse Matthew Jr. is dark and disturbing. He admitted he abducted both Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham with the intent to defile them, and then murdered the young women; Harrington was 20 and Graham was 18 when their lives ended.