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Alison Hill

Freelance writer and editor

Location icon Australia

I love making words work and helping others to make their writing suit its purpose.

I have a degree in journalism and a postgraduate diploma in editing and publishing.

My publishing career spans close on 30 years in roles that include commissioning editor, subeditor, journalist, course writer, online content creator and print designer.

I work from my office in the beautiful Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, although my first 40 years were spent in South Africa. On a clear day I can see the city over a sea of eucalypts.

What I now know about the ethics of fucking up - The Ethics Centre

I have a penchant for saying things that are funny inside my head but come out all wrong. I know I've unintentionally offended and hurt people by blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. If I've become aware of it, I've tried to make amends.

The Women's Game
Train like crazy, try your heart out

Ella Jones’s selection to represent Australia at the World Para-swimming Championships after only three years as a swimmer is evidence of her extraordinary persistence.