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4 Kombucha Brands That Won't Sugar Bomb You - Bloom

This post is written by our guest contributor, Ali McCabe. Ali is a freelance writer/pr+media specialist by day, and certified yoga instructor by night. When she's not doing downward dogs, she's catching up on all things wellness with an overpriced latte in hand.

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Want to Live a Longer Life? Scientists Have Found the Workout to Help You Do It

It's so easy to get caught up in the new buzzy workout trend. With boutique fitness studios popping up on every corner, there are tons of options when it comes to getting your sweat on. But based on new research, it's possible that one workout in particular can increase your longevity by a huge margin. Whether your personal favorite is Pilates, barre, Crossfit, etc., it may be time to revisit an old favorite: running.

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It's More Than Just A Workout: How Yoga Can Benefit Your Mind & Body

So you've been practicing your down-dog for a while and are OM-ing with the best of them, but did you know yoga has a ton of benefits you probably didn't even know about? In addition to improving flexibility, building muscle tone, and making you feel like a warrior princess, here are five other little known benefits of the wellness-workout:

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Need to Detox After the Holidays? Call in the Kombucha!

New Years Eve is this weekend and we get it -- it's been a long week of indulgent eating. If you're planning on jump-starting your eating habits in January, there's one drink you need to add to your diet: kombucha.

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Your Guide to a Thanksgiving Day Full of Wellness

It's almost here! The most wonderful day of food and family is this week: Thanksgiving. But it's true-- sometimes you don't always feel your best after a day of stuffing your face and drinking wine and autumnal cocktails. So consider this your official guide to a Thanksgiving Day full of wellness that won't make you feel horrible the next day.

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HIIT Me Baby (How Many Times?)

Hands up if you ran to a HIIT class in the days following Thanksgiving to fight off holiday pounds. We know-- HIIT workouts are all the rage and they do an incredible job of getting you in shape, fast! Have you ever thought though that maybe there's too much of a good thing? Recently, Greatist interviewed Joey Thurman, a certified personal trainer and the author of 365 Health and Fitness Hacks That Could Save Your Life about HIIT workouts and how often they should be done a week.

Blast from the Past:How Childhood Affects Marriage

When I was 11, my parents began the process of filing for divorce. With that came the introduction of lawyers, the division of assets, and of course, the custody battle for me. I was an independent child and I didn’t like the thought of judges and attorneys who didn’t really know me deciding how I should divide my time between parents. Ultimately, I chose to speak up in court and helped convince a judge to allow me to split the time between my parents evenly. It was this period of time...

3 Ways to Divorce-Proof your Marriage Before You Say "I Do"

Relationship expert and divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler shares her tips on how couples can avoid the pitfalls that lead to divorce. Photo Credit: Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash We've all heard it again and again-and I'm not talking about eating your veggies.

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How Much Exercise is Needed to Fight Off Depression? Science Has the Answer

It's widely known that there is a clear correlation between exercise and depression. Many doctors recommend meditation and a good sweat sesh to help ward off some of the symptoms of depression but according to a recent article from Well+Good, scientists have discovered the exact amount of exercise needed to get those benefits-- and the number is LOW.

Tips for Merging Your Finances Before You Get Married

Relationship expert and divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler shares her tips on how couples can avoid divorce by being open and honest about money matters. Congratulations, you're getting married! *Cue wedding bells* While it can be easy to get lost in venue booking, florist picking, and guest list making, there's one thing you want to begin getting in order ASAP-your finances.

Why Parents Love Gymboree Play and Music of Princeton - PrincetonScoop

Why Parents Love Gymboree Play and Music of Princeton Ask any Gymboree Mom or Dad why they love coming to Gymboree Play and Music of Princeton and they will tell you that the opportunity to play with and watch their kids learn and grow is magical and unequaled anywhere else.

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Let's Talk ACV: The Buzzy Ingredient Your Wellness Routine May Be Lacking

Have you jumped on the apple cider vinegar train yet? If you haven't, you should! ACV is a buzzy ingredient showing up all over the place-- and for good reason. It has tons of incredible benefits and starting your day with a shot of it may be exactly what your wellness routine has been lacking.

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Event Planning: How to Prepare for Bad Weather

When you're planning a party for the outdoors, it's easy to plan for food, entertainment, invitations, etc. However, one thing that's not so easy to plan for is the weather. Most parties have an electrical element to it, whether it's lighting, stereo systems, or some other technical equipment.

RV Traveling on a Budget

So you've decided to take vacation on the open road in your RV? You're certainly in for the trip of a lifetime, but unfortunately, it can sometimes come at a cost. Decorate the RV on a Budget We all want our RV to feel like home and we'd encourage you to personalize your RV so that it feels like it belongs to you.

Celebrate Dad with a Fresh Floral Arrangement

A mentor, a protector, and a friend: dads are a lot of things to us, and they deserve to be showered with affection this Father's Day. Contemporary Red Roses The official flower of Father's Day, celebrating your dad with the Contemporary Red Roses bouquet is a traditional, classic move.

What to Consider Before Becoming a Dog Trainer

So, you love dogs, but have you ever considered taking that next step to become a dog trainer? Becoming a dog trainer can be a wildly fulfilling career but there are some things to consider before taking the plunge. When becoming a dog trainer, you may think you only need to be good with canines.

What Size Tent is Right for Your Next Event

You know you need a tent for your outdoor party, picnic, or reception, but how do you know which tent will fit your guests comfortably? Read our latest blog post for some factors to consider when choosing your tent and how to calculate the right size!

A Guide to the Different Types of Service Dogs

For those with any type of disability, a service dog can be an incredible companion and guide throughout the day. Read our latest blog post to learn more about just a few of the many different types of service dogs there are and their responsibilities!

How to Improve Your Payroll Process for Maximum Efficiency

Payroll is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your business but unfortunately, many companies make errors and unnecessary mistakes. These blunders can end up costing a lot of time and money. So, what are some ways you can improve the efficiency of your payroll system? Today, everyone is going paperless!

Tips for Staying Cool in Your Wig This Summer

For people who wear wigs, the summer months can be a big challenge. We've written up some tips on how to stay cool and comfortable under your hair replacement system during the upcoming warm weather without compromising on style.

Five Ways to Attract the Right Job Candidates -

The hiring process for your company can be tough. There are many job seekers out there waiting to apply as soon as a position is available. That's good news, right? Wrong-most of the applicants you review won't even meet your basic qualifications. However, by adopting some of the following habits, you can start attracting the ...

Best Ways to Prepare for an Interview

On the hunt for a new job? If you've successfully mastered resume creation and the art of the cover letter, chances are you've secured some job interviews. Read on for the best ways to prepare before sitting down with the hiring manager. Research the employer Don't assume you can get by with your limited knowledge from your application.

Come to the Flying J Ranch for a True Western Experience

If you're looking for an event local to Ruidoso, New Mexico that will celebrate the history and traditions of the American west, consider visiting the Flying J Ranch. Ideal Event for Families The opening day of the Flying J Ranch has tons of musical entertainment that is great for kids and adults alike making it a family friendly event.

Myths About Wigs-Debunked!

Wigs can often be misunderstood by those who have not personally had to wear one or aren't experiencing any type of hair loss. All too often, misconceptions about this hair loss solution begin to rise and before we know it, our most natural-looking wigs that have benefited so many turn into a false nightmare about fake hair.

Birthday Bouquets and Happy Birthday Flowers with Spirit

Do you have a loved one's birthday coming up and you're thinking about how to celebrate them? Read on for bouquet ideas that will undoubtedly say "Happy Birthday" to someone special. Spring Colored Flowers That Shine Hydrangeas, tulips, spray roses, and miniature calla lilies all work together to create a Spring Tea bouquet that will dazzle.

Adult Craft Projects You Can Do this Spring

Now that spring is sprung, it's time to whip out the glue gun for some seasonal arts and crafts! We've found some fun projects for you to work on as the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer. These five nifty adult craft projects are definitely worth trying, and are also beautiful touches to any spring home makeover!

Why is Turquoise Significant in Native American Culture?

Turquoise holds a special significance in Native American culture, meaning something profound and specific to individual tribes. Referred to as the "stone of life," many believe it is a living mineral because of its ability to change colors depending on its environment. All Native Americans believe that the earth is living and all things are precious.

Writing Your Wedding Vows: What to Consider Beforehand - Handfastings and Weddings

It's easy to dive into wedding planning such as venue-booking and florist-picking once you get engaged, but you should also make writing your pagan wedding vows a priority. The vow exchange is one of the most heartfelt parts of your pagan wedding ceremony, and there are several things you will want to consider beforehand.

Arbordoun's Herbal Skin Care Products
The Many Medicinal Benefits of Calendula

The calendula flower has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and healing properties. These are just a few of the reasons why we've chosen to cultivate the calendula flower for use in our skincare line. Here is a little more information on the miraculous healing properties of the Calendula flower.

Story of Native American Hopi Dances

For the Native American people, dancing was and is as much a part of their culture as eating and drinking. The compelling history of Native American dances is captivating, and each dance movement encouraged different desired outcomes.

Celebrate the Spirit Of Easter With These 5 Simple Crafts

With spring in full bloom, we at From Everyday to Holidays feel like it's the best time to share some of our simple craft ideas for Easter, which are perfect for celebrating the arrival of spring and will make your home festive and inviting for the guests you have other!

Why Ruidoso is a Perfect Retirement Community

Attracting many skiers and nomadic types alike every year, Ruidoso has become a traveler's resting spot for all things outdoor adventure. What many people don't know is that Ruidoso is also a perfect retirement community for those looking to relax, and here are a few reasons why.

Mother's Day Floral Bouquets that Express Your Love and Admiration

while we think mothers should be appreciated each and every single day, May 13th presents an opportunity for us to gift them with an extra special Mother's Day floral bouquet to truly get the point across. Watch as your mom beams with laughter, pride, and love when you gift her with a Mother's Day floral bouquet from Mills Florist!

Putting Together Your Dream Living Room with 4 Great Furniture Pieces

Because most people spend their downtime in their living room, it makes sense to invest into making it look and feel exactly how you want. Putting together your dream living room can be difficult because it's hard to imagine the final product.

5 Gifts For Administrative Professionals Day

From Everyday to Holidays specializes in LED light canvas wall art, with dozens of different pictures and light arrangements to choose from for your Administrative Professionals Day gifting needs. Here are five of our picks for the secretary or assistant in your life.

How to Bring Your Classic Movie Night to the Outdoors

The weather is heating up and everyone wants to spend time outside after a long winter spent hibernating. However, we don't want to leave behind those cozy movie nights! Read on to learn how you can enjoy your classic movie night during the summer season.

The Best Spring and Summer Bouquets for Your Wedding

It's finally wedding season and many couples are starting to make decisions on what types of flowers they want to use to celebrate their special day. Blooms that Rival a Summer Sunset Flowers give you an opportunity to incorporate beautiful colors into your wedding, especially when you go with vibrant displays of pinks and yellows.

How to Plan the Perfect Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day is right around the corner, providing you with the perfect opportunity to entertain outdoors! We've rounded up some things to consider when throwing a BBQ for the occasion. Decorate wisely with a color scheme Lucky for you, your color scheme is built in to this party!

Key Components of Installation Art and Why it's Great for Teens

Installation art is a great art form for teens to engage with for several reasons. This type of contemporary art is displayed in a three-dimensional space and uses the available environment to create site-specific works of art. Here are the 5 key components of installation art that make it an interesting art form for teens.

Smith & Co Auction & Realty, Inc.
A Guide to Live Auction Etiquette

Planning on attending a live auction but unsure of the proper etiquette? Read on for some helpful tips so that you'll be ready to start bidding! Only bid for items you really want to win.

Three Simple Ways to Incorporate Solar Power into Your Home

Interested in going solar but unsure of how to go about it? We've outlined some ways to incorporate solar power into your home! Start small with tackling the items you use in everyday life and finding their solar option. Today, there's an alternative for many appliances such as flashlights, thermostats, solar visor radios, phone or tablet chargers, and more!

Communication Trends Taking Over the Hospitality Industry in 2018

The hospitality industry is ever-changing and with today's advancements in technology, it's more important than ever to stay informed on what fads are taking reign. Read on for this year's communication technology trends in hospitality. More and more guests prefer the convenience of self-service to alleviate wait times and complete simple tasks themselves.

Reupholstering: More Fabric Options and Better Durability

Most of us have pieces of furniture that we love in our home that have seen better days. If you have chairs or couches that are looking a little under the weather, instead of leaving them curbside, consider reupholstering.

Congratulations Cupcakes and Cake Ideas for Graduation Season

Your college graduation is an important milestone and we think all milestones should be celebrated with desserts, because, who doesn't love to indulge every so often? We've compiled some fun congratulations cupcake and cake ideas for the occasion to make your college grad's day special.

How to Interpret the Native American Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel, or Sacred Hoop, is a true symbol for life among Native American tribes and has many interpretations. It's comprised of four quadrants, which represent several concepts: seasons of the year, stages of life, cardinal directions, and the four sides of a person-physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

May is National Home Improvement Month which means it's time to show your home a little extra TLC! When most people consider updating their homes, they forget to include the exterior which often goes untouched during the colder months. Breathe new life into your home and improve your curb appeal with these projects!

How to Prepare for Your First Family Portrait

Family portraits are a beautiful documentation of all the stages in your life. However, if it's your first portrait with your family, you may need some help preparing yourself and, more importantly your kids for the big day. A week or so before the shoot, tell your kids about the portrait session so they aren't caught off guard.

Discover the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum | Tanana Valley Campground & RV Park

Planning a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska? Make sure to leave time for a visit to the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum! Located on the Wedgewood Resort grounds, the museum features a plethora of historically significant, pre-World War II cars, gorgeous vintage clothing, and more that will transport you back to simpler times.

Four Tips for Watering Your Garden

While it may be easy for you to wait for the next rain to come to water your garden, it's not as easy on your flowers. Read our latest blog post for a few watering best practices to help keep your garden thriving!

Perfect Backyard Gifts for Dad

Father's Day is coming up and if you are struggling trying to find the perfect gift for the dad who deserves the world, then we might have some ideas! Check out the perfect gifts for your outdoors-loving dad on our blog!

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Camping During National Camping Month

June is National Camping Month which means you've never had such a wonderful excuse to get outdoors! Why not celebrate with a camping trip? Here are a few benefits of camping that will undoubtedly have you unrolling your sleeping bag!

Three Myths About Outdoor Lighting You Should Know

Adding outdoor lights to your landscape is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your property and enhance the aesthetic of your house. However, there are several misconceptions regarding outdoor lighting that may keep you from taking the next step. With outdoor lighting, more is not always better.

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