Ali Hashem

With the chance to work for Al-Jazeera, BBC, Al-Jazeera English and Lebanese Local Channels I built a solid experience in News and Current affairs mainly reporting, interviewing, producing, live coverages, and overlooking teams on ground.
With Al Jazeera i covered the revolution in Libya from the start, then the NATO strikes and the battles fought between the rebels and Gaddafi's brigades.
I had to do live DTLs from the war front, compile packages, interview prominent figures both on air on pre recorded.
After Libya i returned to my base in Lebanon, where i had to cover Lebanese politics, and tension related to the Syrian uprising on the Syrian Lebanese borders.
I was commissioned to cover Famine and drought in Somalia and Kenya, there i compiled several packages and did live DTLs using B-GAN, and the same as in Libya i had to travel to war zones and areas designated as Hostile.
BBC gave me the chance to report, research, prepare, produce and present primarily for TV but also for the Internet and Radio.
I had To ensure that any programme material for which i am responsible for meets the standards required by the BBC.
At bbc i had several training courses with leading journalists like Vin ray, Alan little, Hew Edwards, scott rosenberger and others.
At Aljazeera ENGLISH I had to Assist the News Editor in the build-up of daily newscasts and contribute with the selection of stories and live guests for the hourly news bulletins. Besides I overlooked the work of crews on location and satellite bookings.
I also exercised editorial judgment while maintaining professional journalistic standards and adhering to the network’s policy and legal guidelines. I originated and developed story ideas and wrote briefings for reporters, camera crews and other resources staff and contributors.
I Lead Manar TV’s team and played the role of reporter and producer at the same time during the last Naher Al-Bared conflict and the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel.

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