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I am an enthusiastic journalism graduate with writing, editing and production experience in digital content, seeking an entry-level position in a challenging and creative environment.

Gotham Magazine
August 15, 2016
8 Envy-Inducing Instagrams From Inside the Sold-Out Pop-Up Museum of Ice Cream

New Yorkers are enamored with the pop up Museum of Ice Cream's vibrant exhibits. Like an ice cream cone in the summer sun, the museum won't be there for long (til September 1st!). The museum features a rainbow sprinkles pool, edible balloons, a chocolate room, a custom Tinder app for ice cream flavor matches, and much more.

Advice to Incoming College Swimming Freshmen

Ali Follman is a 2016 graduate of American University in Washington, D.C. who grew up swimming for a YMCA team in New Jersey. Ali was a breaststroke, IM and butterfly specialist while studying journalism as her major, and marketing and psychology as her minors.

DC Inno
DC's Newest Distillery is Bringing Bourbon to Ivy City

DC's first female-owned distillery Distilling bourbon is a right reserved for American producers, so where better to get your next bottle than from the nation's capital? Enter Republic Restoratives, the newest, and first women-owned, distillery in Washington, D.C.

DC Inno
Puppy Love: Meet The Dogs of DC Tech

What does every D.C. tech company with high morale have in common? Free food? Unlimited swag? Flexible vacation time? Nope. Behind every successful tech company in this town is a (few) loving office dog(s)! Working behind a desk can be dull even at the most amazing tech startup.

DC Inno
Pineapple DC Aims to Empower Women in District's Food Industry

You can't (really) find Pineapple DC on social media. The organization doesn't attract members by posting artsy photos and recruiting young women to come out and participate. The organization spreads its message of women's empowerment through a shared love of local, delicious foods, the old fashioned way: by meeting and talking.

DC Inno
The Beer, Science and Sustainability Behind Hellbender Brewery

The amount of local breweries in the DMV area is growing, creating friendly competition among brewers to please beer aficionados around the District. In Washington, D.C. alone there are 10 breweries and brewpub locations, according to DC Beer, and almost 20 others in a 30-mile radius from D.C. in Maryland and Virginia.

DC Inno
How Obama's Open Data Dream Is Transforming One Police Department

President Obama believes tech can be the answer to rebuilding trust between the public and police. But is his open data program making an actual difference? That's the question we posed to the Montgomery County Police department. The White House Police Data Initiative (PDI) was launched in May 2015 to build community trust by increasing transparency and accountability through technology in police departments.

DC Inno
Wearable Tech Is Turning Pro Baseball Players Into Data Machines

Wearable tech and open data will now be a huge part of the future of Major League Baseball and sports in general. The Sports Playing Rules Committee approved new wearable technology in the beginning of April, allowing players to use devices like baseball bat sensors and heart monitors during practices.

Five Weeks In France

My photo diary of the weeks in the summer of 2015 I spent taking a French class through American University in Paris, France at the Catholic Institute of Paris, and a week in Cannes after.

DC Inno
UMd.'s 'Startup Village' Gives Cheap Housing to Student Founders

If you wake up at 8 a.m. in the Startup Village, you're already running late. That's just how it is when five young entrepreneurs live together while they each work on inventing the next great product. David Engle, a 2015 University of Maryland graduate and serial entrepreneur, is the landlord and founder of Startup Village LLC.

Remembering Mia Hamm's Time in Washington | Washingtonian

The saga of corruption at FIFA has thrust soccer back on the minds of Americans. The sordid details are enough to make you forget another time soccer was a big deal in this country, and in Washington, DC. It was 1999, and the US Women's National Team had just won the FIFA Women's World Cup against China.
For Health Care Professionals, Does Age Matter?

(See full coverage on Young mental health professionals may have an advantage when counseling young clients. Above: Casey Lorusso likes to share her interests with her clients and teach them to channel their feelings into activities like therapeutic boxing. She also is interested in equine therapy. Photograph courtesy of Casey Lorusso.