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Freelance Writer based in Canterbury, Kent. Have previous experience with arts organisations including Wise Words Festival, Kent Festivals Network, Canterbury Culture, Wide Eyed Theatre and The Poetry Exchange. I can manage social media marketing, deliver intriguing content, and develop the voice of your organisation.


Professional Work

Day Out on a Budget in Canterbury

Water Lane Coffee House Stour St, Water Ln, Canterbury CT1 2NQ So, you've arrived at Canterbury West station or at Canterbury Bus station. If you're in the mood to immediately seek out coffee, meander away from the high street and drink at one of Canterbury's independent coffee shops.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Canterbury

1. If it wasn't for the people milling around in jeans and the roads running into the city, you could be forgiven for suspecting that some sort of cosmic force had sent you back in time 400 years. With its internationally renowned cathedral and its charming, toytown-like buildings gently leaning into the streets, Canterbury seems to bristle with ancient secrets.

Are we all just searching for a bit of humanity?

Despite the disparity between the arid desert plains of Burning Man and the rolling farmland of Glastonbury, the two most notorious festivals in the UK and the USA have one thing in common: in a world of instant gratification, quick-fixes and fast-paced profit, they appeal to us to analyse our place in the world.

Best Places to Work or Study in Canterbury

The Beaney Café and Library 18 High St, Canterbury CT1 2BD Despite being housed in a beautiful grade II listed building, the Beaney has plenty of modern facilities and conveniences that are perfect for working remotely. There are 20 computers available with free internet access and office software, as well as free WI-FI.

Warrior Poets | Building Resilience

"A large, black room opens before us. Staring down from the rafters, the lights lightly swinging, it seems huge, expansive. 'What would you do with this space?', Joelle asks the kids. 'I would stand in the corner', replies one of them. 'It's too scary'.

Inside the Oyster

'What exactly Whitstable Oyster Festival?' I hear you say. Is Whitstable Oyster Festival only about Oysters? The Whitstable Oyster Festival began as an ancient holy festival dating way back to Norman times. During this era, fisherman would hold an annual ceremony of thanksgiving, not just for the harvest, but also for their general safety at sea.

The Importance of Green Initiatives

We're in the middle of festival season, which we tend to think of in terms of its sun-kissed faces, wellington boots, muddy fields, giddy performances, starry nights and green horizons. But there's a sadder, more desolate side to these heady, dreamy days - found on the other side of the festival weekend.

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InQuire Live
Stop Taxing Essentials at Essentials. Period. - InQuire Live

In many ancient cultures, it was common practice for women to come together during their periods, or their 'moon time' to sit down in 'moon huts' or 'red tents' in order to share stories and build an active female community. This time was considered sacred; women would birth here, counsel and support one another, and ...

The attic
Demonstrators rally in response to Britain First protest at the University of Kent

Yesterday, hundreds of students gathered outside of Darwin college in order to demonstrate a show of solidarity with the muslim community at the University of Kent. Students peacefully marched towards Kent Union, clad with signs and smiles, eventually congregating to hear the words of representatives from the Islamic society.

The attic
Some frivolous and some sensible reasons to stay alive

People get low. Sometimes in the Lil' Jon sense, but also in the crippling funk of depression sense. It can be difficult to get out of that and reclaim your razzmatazz, so here's some reasons why you should definitely keep on doing your thing.

InQuire Live
Kate Tempest at Wise Words Festival - InQuire Live

InQuirer Alice Bryant gives an eloquent review of award winning poet Kate Tempest's performance at Canterbury's Wise Words Festival. Ushered into the cushions and blankets of the garden tent, the crowd awaited anxiously for Kate Tempest to come onstage. She does. The crowd whoops and hollers and claps furiously; made up of poets, artists, musicians ...

The attic
The 8 Stages of Final Year Anxiety as a Humanities Student

1. Filling 12 tiny notebooks with dubious/obscure career options (e.g. 'Horticultural therapist???????') with a cartoon of a bee in a swimsuit next to it. 2. Picking up the 'Top 100 graduate employers' booklet from the Careers office and putting it on your bookshelf so that you can bathe in the red warmth of its smug...