Alicea James

Exceptional Content Writer and Editor


My  professional writing career started 11 years ago and has since expanded into editing and proofreading.

I've contributed content to over 30 websites, blogs, eBooks, newspapers and magazines.

Current Job: Managing Editor ( Publishing house)

What I Do:

-web content
-magazine articles
- content editing

Contact me NOW: [email protected]

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GoDaddy Blog
Long-term planning strategies to make dreams come true - GoDaddy Blog

When we think of career planning strategies, we often assume they apply to college students or perhaps proactive high school graduates excited to join the workforce. You're not exactly wrong, but you're not entirely right. Career planning is a continuous process; it's not just for those looking to enter the job market.

Makeup Tutorials
5 Natural Skincare Remedies for Pimples

Check out these 5 natural remedies to help eliminate pimples. Facial steaming doesn't just open up your pores, it also prevents blockage which can cause pimples.

Forever 21s Looming Bankruptcy...

Will Forever 21s Looming Bankruptcy Affect Your REIT? Summary Forever 21 has closed several of its European stores in the past few years. Industry analyst predicts a 20% or 25% drop in sales last year, as noted by Forbes. Bloomberg reports that the company is preparing to file for bankruptcy.

USA Herald
Snapchat vs Instagram: Which one will dominate in the next 2 years? - USA Herald

Despite the competitive nature of the social media landscape, a few select companies have carved out a comfortable position in the marketplace. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Skype, Digg, Tumblr and WhatsApp are the first one that come to mind. I have not forgotten the 'ever popular' Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and of course the proverbial king of social media, Facebook.
Netflix and Chill- 8 'Must See' Black Movies on Netflix

Sometimes regular old TV viewing can get a bit boring and repetitious, so if you really want to add a little spice to your life just Netflix and chill. Here are some must see black movies on Netflix that are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Caribbean Calorie Counter & Conscious Eating Guide

Caribbean Calorie Counter & Conscious Eating Guide is an updated edition of Patricia Thompson’s previous publication, Caribbean Calorie Counter. The author stays consistent with the unique method that she has created, providing readers with the calorie and fat content of countless Caribbean foods.

The Measure of a Dad

The Measure of a Dad tells the ultimate story of self sacrifice, love, adversity, struggles and the finitude yet largess of humanity. You will be moved to tears so many times. The authenticity and unpretentiousness of the author is almost embarrassing at times.

Little Johnny The Sleepwalker and His Puppy

Little Johnny is an adventurous 6 year old who sleepwalks. His doting grandma is worried that something bad could happen. The solution turns out to be much easier than she dared to imagine.