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I am a woman who shouldn’t own Spice Girls documentaries, but you will have to rip them from my cold, dead hands to reconcile that. I graduated with a MA in English from Portland State University, which left me with a pile of both debt and grammar style guides; I am using them to build a new wing on my apartment. I follow two Reddit subs—Pretty Little Liars and RuPaul’s Drag Race­—with compulsive regularity. I wish So You Think You Can Dance would make the contestants play Wii Dance Party for one round of competition and I was way jazzed to see PLL’s Sara Harvey being a Project Runway model for a guy in a bowler hat who was distracted by her breasts.

Stay Up All Night With These Highly Rated Netflix B-Movies

Do the names Rhonda Shear, Caroline Schlitt, and Gilbert Gottfried all mean something to you? What about two out of three? If you watched the USA Network between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. during the '90s, you watched USA Up All Night .

Let These Facebook Reaction Emojis Tell People How You Really Feel

For years, the "Like" button has been the only option for responding to posts and it has been dramatically limited in its applicability. How do you signal support when all you can do is "Like" grandma dying? Thankfully, Facebook came up with a solution, of sorts.

How Vegetarians Can Make The Most Of Their Fast Food Choices

It's the question that people most often turn to when confronted with a vegetarian or vegan. Without meat, people assume that you subsist on greens foraged from the wild. It's this same thinking that prompts people to make veggos choose the restaurant. "I don't know where you can eat."

You Should Never Ever Drink These Deadly And Exotic Cocktails

If prohibition taught us anything, it's that drinking is so much fun that people will risk their lives to continue doing it. Literally. During prohibition, you weren't simply facing the risks of bathtub gin and moonshine; the federal government actually poisoned industrial alcohol to prevent it from being diverted into human consumption.

What Your Rob Thomas Pandora Channel Reveals About You

The year is 2016, but it might as well be 1996. Taylor Swift resurrected Gwen Stefani's wardrobe for the Grammys; women (and maybe some dudes) are wearing floral skater dresses with Doc Martens; and chokers are cool again.

Aim To Misbehave With These Captain Mal Reynolds Moments From 'Firefly'

Originally envisioned as a seven season project, Joss Whedon's Firefly was cancelled in the middle of its first and was resurrected unexpectedly with the film Serenity. Despite its short life, the impact of the show, its world and its characters on pop culture is undeniable.

The Wildest Red Carpet Moments In VMA History

To mark the first ever VMAs, Madonna strode the red carpet in the outfit she would later wear while writhing about on the stage during her performance of " Like a Virgin." Designed to shock, it did, standing out among tuxes and pseudo-prom dresses.

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