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What Santa needs to know about safe roof access in Australia

Dear Santa, we appreciate that no one experiences deadlines like you do. With just one night to deliver presents to children all over the world, you've streamlined your output to a degree that many of us will only dream of. However, efficiency can't come at the expense of safety.

WWF Australia blog
Plastic, fish and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Do you love seafood? You're going to want to read this. But what about the fish? When we think of rubbish in the ocean, the most common mental images are of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Castleford Media
What is an SEO specialist? | Castleford

For the uninitiated, search engine optimisation (SEO) can be like black magic – inexplicable, otherworldly and a tad scary. If these three letters have you reaching for your broomstick in order to beat a hasty retreat, hold up just a minute. There’s someone who can help – an SEO specialist. Never heard of them? These are the white knights behind every company website killing it in Google’s rankings, and they can help you too.

Kaikōura Ocean Research Institute
How getting involved in conservation can help your mental health

Looking after yourself, looking after others and looking after the planet: is there anything more important? Right now in New Zealand we're celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week, but did you know there are links between mental well-being and protecting wildlife? Here's how. 1. The power of nature Have you ever found a walk in the...

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Why keyword discovery needs to be the centre of your SEO strategy | Castleford

No, you haven't travelled back in time - it's 2019, Axl and Slash are sharing a stage again and keywords are still important in your SEO strategy. What a time to be alive. True, the keyword has had a rough time of it - its death has been proclaimed from on high by many a marketing guru.

Brother Empowers
Saving money with AI print and document management software

Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions usually comes with two core business goals: Increasing efficiencies for both staff and customers, and cost cutting Printing and document management aren't usually front of mind when attempting to reduce outgoings but, with the right AI technology in place, you'd be surprised by how much you could save.

Getting personal: Future-proofing staff health benefits

From Spotify to Netflix, we love the control that comes with the digital age - today personalisation is everything. But how could this extend to corporate health insurance provision? Mike Serbinis, CEO of the hugely successful online employee benefits platform League, believes the future of employer provided health insurance lies firmly with preventative, highly individualised cover.

Kaikōura Ocean Research Institute
How are drones helping scientists learn about Kaikōura's dolphins?

Could drones be the future of learning more about Kaikōura's marine wildlife? Yes, according to recent research published in the journal Aquatic Mammals, which included KORI director, Dr. Jody Weir, and KORI member Carys Protheroe. Along with a multinational team of scientists led by Bernd Würsig (Texas A&M University) and including Lorenzo Fiori (University of Auckland),...