Alex Marrero Miami

Entrepreneur & Freelance Photographer

United States

Alex Marrero is a Miami-based professional. Backed by years of experience in entrepreneurship, Marrero is transitioning into the next phase of his career: photography. His previous experiences have earned him expertise in small business development, technical operations and startup strategy. But now, he has his creative sights and his lens set on building a portfolio of event photography and fashion photography projects.

Alex Marrero Miami
Time Travel to Miami in the 1970s at the Remaking Miami Photography Exhibit

Alex Marrero, Miami photographer and culture enthusiast is taking a trip through time at Remaking Miami: a photography exhibition featuring a collection of photographer, editor and philanthropist Josefinana Tarafa's artwork. Remaking Miami by Josefina Tarafa is a collection of thirty posthumous prints sourced from the photographer, editor and philanthropist's archive of photographs.

Alex Marrero Miami
Miami Street Style Photography Workshop

Capturing motion and showcasing hip hop, street style and dance in Miami: the Magic City! Alex Marrero, Miami creative and local culture enthusiast features an upcoming photography workshop in Miami on November 26, 2023: Learn how to capture motion and the essence of movement in this one-of-a-kind photography workshop.

Crazy About You (Miami Restaurant Review)

Crazy About you at The Mark on Brickell in Miami, FL. This waterside bistro features Spanish, Italian and American cuisine: all on one menu! Alex Marrero, Miami cuisine specialist, was delighted to...

Alex Marrero Miami
Miami Swim Week 2024

Miami Swim Week returns in Mid-July 2024. Although this might seem like many months away to some, Fashion Photographer and Miami Artist Alex Marrero knows all too well that this means now is the perfect time to prepare! The event is currently requesting applications from proposed vendors, fashion designers, photographers, models and much more.

Alex Marrero Miami
Art Miami VIP Preview 2023

Miami's longest running art fair is back! Alex Marrero Miami native and Magic City artist is ecstatic to see friends and fellow creatives in the Miami art scene at this year's Art Miami scheduled for December 5 - 10, 2023. VIP Preview will take place on December 5th - and, of course, your favorite Miami [...]

Art Deco Events in Miami 2023

The 46th Annual Art Deco Weekend takes place every year in mid January. For Alex Marrero, Miami photographer, this event is one that marks the beginning of the year for artists and art deco enthusiasts. A three-day event, the 46th installment of this iconic event features artwork produced by local creatives, as well as a host of exciting dance, design and decor to be enjoyed!

Alex Marrero Miami
16th World Congress on Art Deco: Modernism in Miami

For the first time since the event's establishment in 1990, the World Congress on Art Deco is returning to the Magic City! Miami photographer and local creative Alex Marrero shares the details: Alex Marrero, Miami native and creative known for his photography projects showcasing the stories of small businesses in the Magic City, is ecstatic [...]