Alex Haederle

Creative Writer | Brand Strategist | Content Producer

Location icon United States of America

I'm a writer, brand strategist, and content producer based in Washington DC. I help clients develop content strategies and produce media to activate their brands in the marketplace.

Broadly, that includes: market and competitive research and discovery; short- and long-form copywriting; building brand messaging architectures; producing photo and video shoots; investigative interviewing and editorials; content strategy and development for social platforms; marketing strategy and execution; and basic performance analytics and measurement. Pitch decks and client proposals, too.

I play guitar with Champion Sound Band in DC and love stand-up comedy, film, sports, pop culture and everything in between.

I'm all about meeting people and connecting ideas. Need copywriting help, or just a sounding board? Reach out!

SipCity DC
SipCity DC

I lent copywriting support to local DC beverage brand, SipCityDC, for their drink labels and packaging.

Booz Allen Hamilton
Hello Friend: A Cyber Talent Playbill

Sourcing qualified cyber talent is difficult. People with elite, technical skillsets can choose to work anywhere. "Hello Friend" was Booz Allen’s cyber recruiting playbill designed to attract the talent who want to make the world a safer place to live and do business. Through a series of original storytelling approaches, "Hello Friend" details Booz Allen’s approach to securing the distributed vulnerabilities of a connected, digital world. Story content is rendered in a matter-of-fact...

Booz Allen Digital Solutions
Open Performance Brand Platform

After our team completed the strategy & identity phases for Booz Allen's Digital Solutions group, the next step was activating their "Open Performance" brand story into a physical product that we could market, one that would attract prospective talent, partners, and buyers to the client's services and products. The "Open Performance" storybook conveyed a new focus for Booz Allen Digital: opening the performance of clients by transforming them from closed, proprietary IT systems into open,...

Booz Allen Hamilton
Planting the Cyber Flag

How Booz Allen's Smartest Hackers Are Winning the Talent Battle

Booz Allen Hamilton
ENVOI Articles Issue No. 001

ENVOI Articles Issue No. 001 is a collection of original thinking and applied innovation stories featuring Booz Allen’s consultants, engineers, scientists, and technologists.

Booz Allen Hamilton
ENVOI Articles Issue No. 002

Available on Apple's App Store and Google Play stores, ENVOI Articles connects you to pioneering work that's transforming the way industries think. Whether you’re a C-suite executive who needs to think differently about how to integrate emerging technologies, a potential client seeking a new business partner, a company looking to co-invest, or a prospective recruit interested in Booz Allen’s latest ideas and breakthroughs, ENVOI Articles has the insights you need.

Booz Allen Hamilton
Booz Allen Starts with Characters

The flagship campaign of ENVOI Articles Issue No. 002, featuring 13 of the hottest roles transforming Booz Allen.

ENVOI Articles on the App Store

A semi-annual collection of stories that represent the original thinking at Booz Allen Download ENVOI Articles and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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