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Alex Ferreira

Culture, Arts & Leisure Editor, Metro Newspaper International

Location icon United States of America

Art editor at Metro Newspaper covering cultural news, social trends, art, music, and literature.

Feature writer currently based in South America: features, profiles and interviews.

Available for freelance work, contact [email protected]

New York Post
Coupons work in clipped economy

Consumers are clipping mad, redeeming $4.6 billion in coupons last year - a whopping 34.6 percent rise from the pre-recession period of 2007. "In tough times, people always look for ways to save money," says Eric Beder, a retail analyst with Brean Murray, Carret and Co.

New York Post
Big (smoke) screen on warranty

If you are one of the many who purchased big-screen TVs to watch today's Super Bowl, two things are almost certain: You got a deep discount on the set, and the dealer tried to boost his profit margin by selling you an extended warranty.

New York Post
Odd jobber: I went from Ritz to pits

These are truly the dog days for Michelle. When the 45-year-old executive worked in the marketing division of a major advertising firm, she enjoyed expensive meals out, theater dates, shopping sprees and - something that's truly a Manhattan perk - someone to walk her dog, Sophie. Now Michelle is the one holding the leash.

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