Alexandra Roach

Print, online and multimedia journalist

Writer, reporter and investigator specialising in:

business || media || politics || pop culture || cinema || television || music || photography || advertising || theatre || marketing || travel || education || community || finance
The stories collected below are merely a sample of my work. Please see my Pressfolio page for my main portfolio. For my full portfolio and resume, email [email protected]


Ghost Stories
A profile of singer-songwriters Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier.
M Marks the Spot
A profile of Australian actress Natalie Natalie Eleftheriadis.
High Seas Talent
A profile of 'Sea Patrol' actor Nikolai Nikolaeff.
Different Focus
With film festivals a dime a dozen these days, it's rare that any stand out from the rest of the herd. But Focus on Ability, raising community awareness about people living with...
Film review: The New Daughter
A review of the Kevin Costner film 'The New Daughter'.
Boy Bands that Defined the 1990s
Love them or hate them, boy bands played a big part in defining music and culture in the 1990s. Here are some of the heavy-hitters.
Five Albums that Unexpectedly Flopped
A list of five albums from big-name music acts which, despite high expectations, tanked.
Tim Burton's Treasure Trove
An interview with MoMA’s Jenny He, about working with Tim Burton and what we can expect from the exhibition at Melbourne’s ACMI.
Music's Super Trios: Sensibly-Named Bands Edition
Ah, band names. They truly can reach the height of ridiculousness! But for every Toad the Wet Sprocket and Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, there are bands that go down a far more...
Five Outrageous Celebrity Weddings
A list of five celebrity weddings, notable for their extravagance. Written for entertainment website Behind the Talent.


Circulation report: September 2011
An report of the print circulation results for the quarter written for Australia's newsagency trade journal. Co-written with the editor.
Annual Report: Lotteries
An annual report into the lotteries sector written for the industry yearbook of Australia's newsagency trade journal.
Newsagents' Marketing Groups
An annual round-up of newsagency marketing groups written for the industry yearbook of Australia's newsagency trade journal.
Annual Report: Circulation
An annual report into print circulation written for the industry yearbook of Australia's newsagency trade journal. Co-written with the editor.
Newsagents of the Year: 2011
A report on the winners of the 2011 Newsagents of the Year awards for Australia's newsagency trade journal. Co-written with the editor.


Internet blackout against filter
Public protest about the Rudd Government's proposed mandatory internet filter intensified with the launch of the Great Australian Internet Blackout movement.
Five Obselete Gadgets Making a Trendy Comeback
From typewriters to boomboxes, five gadgets from the analogue age seeing a second wind due to a mixture of nostalgia and the hipster movement.
Firewall of Lies
An op-ed piece about the proposed mandatory internet filter of the Rudd era.


Take Better Travel Snaps: Set Yourself Photo Challenges
Want to take better photos on your travels? Try these three easy photo challenges. Written for Switched on Media and Stocklands.
How to Set Realistic Holiday Budgets
Sadly, half the battle of travelling often has to do with money. The first thing, of course, is making sure you have the money for the holiday you want to have, and not just...

Community News

Strumming their pain: musical interlude at Villawood
DO you have an old guitar at home, sitting in the cupboard gathering dust? Volunteer music teacher Philip Feinstein would be most grateful if you’d donate it to the refugees he...
$30,000 for a 30th birthday
Turning 30 is often considered a milestone, but few are celebrating it like Bolivian-born Adam Brisson, who will swim 30 kilometres to raise $30,000 for the La Paz orphanage he...
Ways to have safe fun
The Bondi BLYMP music festival celebrate and discovers young musical talent and is one of the few under-18s music events on offer in Sydney.
Mr Bondi: male beauty on display
A beauty pageant like no other, the annual Mr Bondi contest searches for the ultimate Bondi Boy.

Property and Real Estate

Understanding Your Rental Agreement
Five legal requirements and obligations renters need to be aware of before they commit to a rental agreement.

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