Alexandra Rivera

Student Journalist

United States of America

My full name is Alexandra Rivera, though I prefer to go by Sasha. I am an undergraduate student at Scripps College and I intend to dual major in English and French; I also plan to go to graduate school.
I began my journalistic career as a contributing writer and later an assistant editor for the Opinion section in my high school newspaper, The Bull's Eye.
I have written for The Scripps Voice and I was a columnist for The Student Life; both are newspapers for my college campus. I am also the new Editor-in-Chief for the Scripps College sector of the Odyssey, an online newspaper and social content platform. Currently, I write for Pink Bubble Magazine.
I can write many different types of articles and essays on a diverse range of topics, though I prefer to focus on social justice issues and pop culture. The articles below are some of my most popular, though you can read more of my work on the websites of each individual publication.

It's Time To Demilitarize The Police

After the June shooting in Orlando that killed over 50 people, the need for stricter gun control laws has become more and more dire. It seems as if every day someone is killed due to gun violence, be it a mass shooting or toddlers getting ahold of their irresponsible parents' gun.


Virginity Is A Myth That Needs To Be Deconstructed

My Core 2 class, Misrepresentation of Women in Science and Society, is a course that never fails to enlighten me about the downfalls of our patriarchal society and how it maintains certain power structures through the oppression of women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ identities.

Skin-Picking's Social Stigma

In our society, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental illnesses, which causes people to be afraid of seeking help or even admitting that they have a problem. This stigma and fear can be very detrimental because when victims refuse to see a professional about their mental health, especially for lesser known disorders, then it becomes more difficult to study the illness and find working treatments.

The Scripps Voice

The Scripps Voice
Scripps Hosts Title IX Workshop

By Sasha Rivera '19Staff Writer On March 24, Scripps College hosted a workshop about Title IX activism and how its civil rights approach is used to fight against gender-based violence in educational institutions. In addition, there were discussions about how this differs from and is better than a criminal justice method, as well as the current legislative landscape.

The Scripps Voice
Angela Davis Speaks at Scripps

Many students at Scripps College are familiar with renowned activist Angela Davis, as her book "Are Prisons Obsolete?" was one of the required readings for Core I. On Thursday, Jan. 28, members of the Claremont Consortium and the Claremont community were able to meet the author in person through the Scripps Presents conversation series, where she was interviewed at Garrison Theater by the KPCC radio station reporter Annie Gilbertson.

The Scripps Voice
Scripps Recognizes Ally Month

Upon hearing the word "ally," a person's first thoughts might be of solely the LGBTQ+ community, with which the word is commonly associated. However, Ally Month is meant to support all marginalized and oppressed groups. Support and allyship is intersectional and reaches beyond just one social cause.

The Student Life

Don't Compromise on Enchiladas: Great Mexican Food at Tropical Mexico

As a person of Mexican heritage, a big struggle for me is finding decent Mexican food at the 5C dining halls and around the Claremont Village. While I have dined at nearby restaurants like Casa Moreno, my heart will always belong to a local restaurant called Tropical Mexico, which I have frequented for years.

Student Speak Seeks to Destigmatize Mental Illness

Audrey Jang * The Student Life Mental illnesses are often a taboo topic due to the various stereotypes and stigmas attached to them, such as the negative perceptions of mentally ill people as unstable and violent. These stigmas lead to people with mental illnesses being abused, silenced and disrespected. On Oct.

Nightclub 340 Shows the Inland Empire Doesn't Have to Be a Drag

For students who are not local, it can be difficult to find off-campus entertainment that isn't in Los Angeles. For LGBTQ+ students, finding high-energy, LGBTQ+ parties and spaces on- and off-campus is even harder. One place that can satisfy everyone's needs is the 340 Nightclub and Restaurant in downtown Pomona.

Academic Writing

English 68: Literature of the American West
The West as a Woman

An examination of the relationship between women and the West, and how contrary to domestic women in literature, figures like Calamity Jane were a true embodiment of the American West.

French 165: From Mermaids to Catwomen
Le FĂ©minisme de la Culture de Drag

An essay on why drag culture is inherently feminist in the way that it mocks gender stereotypes enforced by our patriarchal society, as well as dismantles the gender binary through unconventional gender presentation.