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Alexandra Landers

Creative Professional

Location icon United States

Arts + Culture Critic, Playwright/Dramaturg, Screenwriter, Visual Artist, Copywriter.

MFA in Writing for the Stage and Screen
BA in Cinema Studies/Critical Theory

Available for freelance work.


Arts Criticism

Vague Visages
Aspics and Cocktails: FEUD 'Pilot' (Recap)

From the Vertigo-style opening credits to the polished and precise set-design, Feud is a period piece that spares no expense or detail when it comes to looks. It's an apt comparison to the way its stars, Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon), infamously comported themselves; not only on the set of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, but for much of their careers.

Choosing Artistry In A STEM World

I chose to be an artist. I could have been anything: I had privilege, I had opportunity. Two degrees and a well-rounded education. I live under the poverty line. I have student loans I can't pay. I freelance, writing when the work is there. Painting, hoping someone will pay me for it.

Blackstar: Making Meaning of David Bowie's Death

Blackstar at first appeared a typical oddity. When I posted the music video for Blackstar upon its release, I didn't know what to make of it. Like his previous work, Blackstar was strange, often inexplicable, and surreal. It wasn't colorful Bowie, or garish Ziggy. It was darker and drearier and, frankly, scarier.

How To Actively Watch a Film - CineNation Podcast

How To Actively Watch a Film So you saw Citizen Kane , read about the "Male Gaze," and brushed up on your German Expressionism - now what? You can see every GREAT work - film, painting, sculpture, any art - that others tell you is important, and still have... well, not a lot to say.


Leah Warshawski: Filming Family, Finding Humanity

DirectedbyWomen team member Alex Landers recently had the great fortune to speak with Leah Warshawski, director of the award-winning documentary Big Sonia, as the film's team works to distribute the festival favorite to theaters across the country. Her previous feature Finding Hillywood put the spotlight on Rwandan filmmakers.

One Critical Bitch
Something Unfamiliar: An Interview with Kept Woman's Rebekah Suellau

I met Rebekah Suellau - writer, director, and now producer, of Kept Woman - in film school. She directed my very first piece of theatre. We wrote screenplays, met for tea, and learned (then forgot) how to run electric on a film set together.

An Interview with Joan Benedict Steiger

There's no business like show business, and that famous lyric seems to ring true for Joan Benedict Steiger. A veteran of television, film and stage, she has never been afraid to live a life in the spotlight; from real life Hollywood romances (including one with Academy Award-winning actor Rod Steiger) to a one-woman show about the loves of her life, here is a performer still dedicated to the art of telling a story.


Custom Luxury Motorcoach

"We just had to go for it," Kim Konigseder says. The longtime Liberty interior designer is standing with her husband and Liberty managing partner Kurt Konigseder aboard a just-completed 2019 Elegant Lady at Liberty Coach headquarters in North Chicago.

Give the gift of horror to your scary-movie loving friends

A horror flick she hasn't seen? Look no further than the latest release from The Criterion Collection, . This cult classic has director David Cronenberg's signature body horror combined with one creepy story about motherhood, making it the perfect addition to any true horror fan's collection.

Vamps Brings Heckerling and Silverstone Together Again

The era of Clueless may have come and gone, but the party-girls still have some unfinished business to attend to. Alicia Silverstone - branded forever as Cher "As If!" Horowitz - reunites this fall with the director who made her a household name back in 1995: Amy Heckerling.

Wake in Fright to Reopen in U.S. Theaters

Director Ted Kotcheff's Wake in Fright is restored, re-mastered and set to reopen in U.S. Theaters this October for the first time in three decades, thanks to Drafthouse Films, and a miraculous discovery of a film once thought totally lost.

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