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Richmond Confidential
California nurses push for a single payer health bill

Most healthcare bills have a hefty price tag attached, but Senate Bill 562 may have one larger than some Californians are willing to take on-an estimated $400 billion a year, according to an analysis from the California Senate Appropriations Committee.

Richmond Confidential
A matter of life and death: a look into America's high maternal mortality rates

A Matter of Life and Death is a 10 minute documentary exploring America's high maternal mortality rates. The piece expands on the research regarding the poor data keeping, medical shortcomings, and stigmas surrounding maternal deaths by highlighting how pre-existing conditions play a role in maternal health.

Richmond Confidential
East Bay bee removal specialists work to preserve essential colonies

The call came early in the morning: an emergency situation involving a Richmond resident deathly allergic to bees, who discovered a colony buzzing beneath his floorboards. This was one of the last jobs David Williams would take on this year, as the summer season of bee removal and rescues in California is coming to an end.

Richmond Confidential
Only half of eligible Contra Costa residents enroll in food stamps

Clutching a ruby red pomegranate in one hand and her EBT card in the other, Casedria Parker shops at the North Richmond Fresh Cargo food truck. A valuable resource for Parker, the pop-up truck provides discounted produce to recipients of CalFresh, otherwise known as "food stamps."

Extinction of the Personal Car?

For those who have been fantasizing about flying cars of the future, think again. A city where automobiles are extinct is the future goal for many urban designers. Since the late 1960s, the automobile industry has increasingly addressed urban environments as car owners downgraded from big-to-small, gasoline-to-green energy.

Reconsidering the Image of Heroin Addiction

Following the recent death of the beloved movie star Philip Seymour Hoffman, one considers the question of why extremely brilliant people have a tendency towards heroin addiction. Who ever thought of heroin as a positive lifestyle choice?

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