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Alessandra Paiusco

Researcher and writer

Location icon Sweden

PhD candidate in Political Science at Örebro University, focusing on climate change-induced migration. Part-time cultural critic.

I grew up in Italy and I live in Sweden. In between, many other places. I was a goalkeeper once, and I speak Mandarin (and some other languages).

The new frontier of toxic positivity: influencers, infertility, and "miracle babies"

Toxic positivity is defined as the belief that no matter how dire or difficult a situation is, people should maintain a positive mindset. It’s a “good vibes only” approach to life. I believe many influencers hopeful attitude to infertility is an iteration of toxic positivity is simple: not all women will eventually be able to get pregnant and give birth. Either because of economic reasons, physical conditions, the timing that was never right – or the partner: not every woman will have...

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On BLM, race and the concept of whiteness in Europe

I am a first-generation mixed-race from Italy, a country that recently started to be aware of the inexorable shift towards being more multicultural both at the national and European level. It is also a country that has recently rediscovered its deep problems with racism and a colonial past that was never fully addressed nor metabolized, and it is struggling to come to term with an increasingly mixed population.

No one wants to buy my fur coats

My New Year's Resolution included decluttering my walk-in closet. While most of my (leather) designer bags are gone, people seem to have very strong feelings towards my fur coats. In December, 2020, I decided to organize the total chaos my walk-in cloet was.

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