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Andre Lenartowicz

Location icon United States

I help brands find their voice and create content that connects them to their audience - whether that's through finding a home for it on an online news site via media relations, on a corporate blog, or creating collateral for marketing and sales. Ultimately everything you put out there about yourself and brand ties back to content - whether it's visual or written; paid or earned.

After grinding it out in corporate communications for nearly 10 years, I started seeing a noticeable shift in public relations over the last 2-3 years: the lines between PR and content marketing started blurring, and blending more and more.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines and waiting to see what happens, I jumped in to put my writing skills to use and join the content revolution by founding my own company.

Don't let my small portfolio fool you: I'm exceedingly versatile, and also have other writing samples I can provide upon request that range from whitepapers to web copy.

Let's write together sometime!

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