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Freelance Journalist

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I am a freelance multimedia journalist, with a focus on digital-first, video and data journalism. I am also a current student at Columbia School of Journalism, where I focus on data-driven reporting.


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Is It Really Possible to Count Every Homeless New Yorker in One Night?

The line of volunteers snaked to the bottom of the stairs that led into the basement of the Mary Lindley Murray School in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. At 10:20 p.m., only a few sugar-coated donuts were left in the Dunkin' Donuts box set up next to an assortment of water bottles, granola bars and other snacks for the road.

Getting Asylum in New Mexico Is Harder Than Anywhere Else in the Country

In New Mexico, pro bono immigration lawyers are few and far between. Even though there is no official data on the number of immigration lawyers per state, or a comprehensive databank of pro bono projects such as CARA, the American Bar Association only lists seven such programs and organizations statewide.

Lack of Concrete Data on Adult Literacy Leaves Community Needs Unseen

On the first day of classes for the NYPL's adult learner's program, the basement of the Harlem Public Library is filled with a diverse group of people. Yolanda, the teacher, is pointing towards a screen, displaying a Google image search. Everyone in the classroom is examining the photos in front of them.

Have Young Urbanites Lost the Election? - HEREYOUARE

The night after the election was called and Donald Trump was announced the president elect of the United States, sizeable protests took place in Seattle, Portland, New York, Los Angeles and various other city centres. In New York City, several thousand people marched the ca.

New York City Doubles Down on Street Food - HEREYOUARE

New York City Doubles Down on Street Food The New York City Council is planning to implement the 'Street Vendor Modernization Act', which will double the number of food vending licenses given out to food trucks and the city's beloved halal carts, among others.

NYC Students Call for Sanctuary Campus - HEREYOUARE

NYC Students Call for Sanctuary Campus This Monday, Columbia University's provost John Chatsworth informed students and teachers that the school would become a sanctuary campus. This decision includes barring immigration officials from campus grounds unless they present a warrant as well as amping up financial aid for undocumented students and comes as a reaction to student walkouts across the country last week.

Local Photographers Take Back the South Bronx

The New York Times recently named the South Bronx one of its top places to visit in 2017. At the Bronx Documentary Center, photographers of all ages are able to develop and exhibit their work in an effort to promote local perspectives.