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Alecia Hyatt

Learning and Development

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I currently reside in the great state of Texas with my sweet but very hungry Shih tzu, "Tooka Beans". I have moved around quite a bit in my life, and have encountered some difficulties, but have also had the opportunity to learn from diverse others while cultivating my individuality and strength as a person. My personal driving force is to be a modern and innovative voice for individual and collective development.

Among my most notable achievements includes being inducted into the Psi Chi International Honor Society at Georgia Southern University after receiving honors in my program of study and creating and leading a community organization grounded in sociology research.

My past work assignments include supervising employees at a large app company, providing skills development to at- risk youth and several years in providing positive and collaborative client support. Additionally, I worked at two Ed- Tech start-up organizations. My learning projects are diverse and include various topics in Psychology, Technology, Travel, Health, and more. I enjoy incorporating graphics and foundational ADDIE Model techniques to create memorable and exciting learning experiences. I have studied Learning Psychology, Instructional Design and UX Design. .

Please check out a few of my projects!

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What would life be like without technology? As college students, it's near impossible to fathom an existence without the use of convenient devices and capabilities. The world where research takes place in a library is long gone, and has been replaced by a simple Google search.

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Understanding Neuroplasticity and the Benefits of Positive Behavioral Changes

While it is impossible to change what has happened in your early childhood, or change experiences which have been traumatic, it is possible to engage in positive exercises that promote plasticity in mental connections. These exercises have been found to elicit improvements in brain functioning and connectivity, just as learning and physical exercise improve aptitude and physical health respectively. The ability of the brain to change with experience due to its neuroplasticity is an adaptive...

7 Tips to Save Money in College | AdmitSee

With the cost of tuition on the rise and students doing their best to manage living expenses, transportation, food, books, and other costs, many will agree that finances can be a touchy subject even with the help of financial aid and other resources.

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The Powerful Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has become increasingly more popular in western society alongside mindfulness practices and yoga as a means of self-growth and healing. Increasing scientific research on improved emotional states, decreased stress and anxiety, and even improvements in existing diseases link meditation to serve as a means of improved consciousness and a potential aid for overall well-being