Alexandra Laird

NYC-based journalist and aspiring producer

Location icon United States of America

Currently, I am a senior at Fordham University working to complete my Bachelor's Degree in English and Marketing. I have previous work experience writing for companies like Delish (Hearst), Slow Food USA, and Mashable. I also have additional experience on social media sites including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I am hoping to build my portfolio and land a job or an internship doing digital work for a company in the entertainment industry.

Meet MOTI, your smart companion and life coach

We are shifting towards an age of companion robots and emotionally intelligent devices. At least that's what Kayla Matheus and Laura Day, the co-founders and inventors of MOTI, think. MOTI is a new wellness companion device designed to help you develop good habits. Matheus believes "wearables" are a thing of the past.

The Fordham Ram
Rumors Swirl Above Campus Graveyard

Most students are familiar with the small, enclosed graveyard next to the university church. Fordham students pass the cemetery every day on their way to class, but very few know the truth about what-or what doesn't-lie beneath. Incoming students and visitors to the school indulge in rumors that the cemetery is a "phantom" one or...

The Fordham Ram
Fordham IT Encourages Integration of New Technologies

If there is ever a problem with the Wi-Fi connection, the Fordham homepage or the overarching Fordham network, chances are Fordham IT will be the first to be notified. Fleur Eshghi is the executive director of Instructional Technology Academic Computing (ITAC).

Nissan's self-driving chairs are the future of waiting in line

If only Nissan had released the ProPilot self-driving chair in time for the release of the new iPhone - waiting in line for the device would've been easy and maybe even fun. The prototype chair can move itself and stop before it collides with an obstacle.

Spoon University
MOFAD Is An Acronym All NYC Foodies Should Know

Just about the only thing the New York City food scene was missing is a food museum. We're home of trendy ice cream shops , crazy food hybrids , and street food on street food on street food . If you're a NYC foodie , then you know that a food museum may seem like the next logical step.

Spoon University
What You Should Know About NYC's OatMeals

Calling all oatmeal enthusiasts and breakfast-all-day eaters: OatMeals NYC, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant tucked away in the heart of Greenwich Village is just steps away from Avenue of the Americas, and gives you access any combination of oatmeal you've dreamed up.

Hey Single Food-Lovers, This App Might Be Your Best Chance At Finding Love

Some say online dating is a meat market, but Oscar Meyer's newest dating app takes that to a new level of literal. is the newest way for bacon-lovers to connect across the nation (sorry vegetarians). It's hard to tell whether Oscar Meyer really wants to turn up the heat on your love life, or if someone at Kraft is just really lonely.

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