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I am a budding writer with major interests in tech, pop culture, art, music and history. I live for unique stories that must be told and the people willing to tell them.



Is Davido's BET Award a sign of good fortune for FIFA's Super Eagles?

Nigerian international artiste, Davido, has been awarded BET's Best International Act. The prestigious honour for Davido also reflects on BET's momentous decision to discontinue the awards for African artistes in a separate category portraying a more inclusive award ceremony henceforth.

My Job Description

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My job description as a Digital Strategist at So&U

Most times when we refer to some content on social media as fascinating or riveting, we usually think of content that balances aesthetics and creative thought process in a way that makes the work put into it visible. Or sometimes, we think of big advertising brands and how they continue to thrive in digital marketing.

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My job description as a Game Developer at DIUS Studios

Creating video games is one task that may seem easy to most people: having a chance to live in your imagination, think of fictional worlds that other people will experience with delight and ultimately get paid for your ideas. Definitely, a whole lot of work goes into the execution of ideas into finished product -the game itself.

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My job description as a Mariner at Thome Offshore Management

In the wide spectrum of activities in the maritime sector, the sheer scale of work done by mariners - crew officers, dedicated sailors and navigating officers is overwhelming. These officers serve in different roles on a daily basis, working tirelessly with each other for a smooth sail.

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My job description as an Operations Lead at BudgIT

Every organization - whether it's an independent company, a fledgling startup, or a big global brand - requires the service of knowledgeable professionals who can help manage execution of projects flawlessly. At BudgIT, where daily operations are intertwined with data analytics and mining, it is the responsibility of an operations lead to ensure that data are compiled into official ...

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My job description as a Science Reporter

From the preservation of fossils to the evolution of man, science has transformed the human existence in a lot of ways! With each passing day, researchers and science reporters work hard to validate myths upon which the world rests by documenting their finds progressively.

My Work Life

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I am Bankole Oluwafemi, Editor-in-Chief of Tech Cabal, and this is my work life

Bankole Oluwafemi is the Editor-in-Chief of Techcabal.com, Africa's fastest growing vertical that covers stories on technology, startups, mobile and digital media, and he has blogged extensively about these since 2011. Bankole, has contributed his writings and quotes about technology in Africa to sites such as Quartz and Fortune.

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I am Nosa, she is Folly. We run Eat.Drink.Lagos, and here's our work life

In almost every part of the world, getting to hear beautiful stories about food and drinks sounds fascinating. You know, the entertaining and enlightening news, views and stories about the finer aspects of eating and drinking. Yeah, food is good! Enter Nosa and Folly, the Eat.Drink.Lagos guys.

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I am Omoju Miller, an independent Data Scientist, and this is my work life

At the heart of most self discoveries is a propulsion to achieve great things, while making even greater discoveries. In 1996, Omoju Miller had her first serious contact with the internet and this - along with the curiosity to know the potentials of information technology informed her decision to be a computer scientist.

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I am Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, Software Engineer at Swifta Systems, and this is my work life

Growing up, not many of us had a clear vista about our ambitions in life and the same holds true for Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, a geek whose decisions, overtime, have been guided by values, and the gradual discovery of preferences. Moyin's twin interest in Mathematics and Science saw her opting for Computer Science as a course of study ...

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I'm Mosope Adebowale, Creative Strategist at Konga, and this is my work life

There's a common phrase in the story of many people who pulled incredible strides in life. It goes in the line of, "They didn't give me the chance, but I took it anyway". Sope's story is no different. He had asked a senior colleague in school to help create a graphic design but was turned ...

Visual Artist

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Damilola Adetayo and her charming baby photography

"No lie, just know I chose my own fate, I drove by the fork in the road and went straight." Those lines from Jay Z's Renegade illustrate how we get to make our choices on a literally daily basis. That's how Damilola Adetayo made her choice to be a photographer.

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Ademola Olaniran, Human Physiologist in Photographer's garb

There is no one big secret to success if you do every little thing you do, as though it were the one big thing. Ademola Olaniran's story clearly shows this. Dropping out of Medical school to graduate with a B.Sc in Human Physiology exudes qualities of a beautiful struggle.

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Peter Dibia's fine art and the aspiration to be an artist

When Macklemore rapped in Ten Thousand Hours that "Generation of kids choosing love over a desk", he was only making an allusion to the young generation who have the guts to follow their dreams - a metaphor for love. Without doubt, Peter Dibia's career as an artist is well portrayed by that punchline.

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Morenike Olusanya on the flanks of expressionist and realistic art

Most times, when our passions and career paths toe different directions, we find ways to connect them. On the flipside, once we find that the two choices - of career and passion - are similar, we go all out living our dreams. The latter applies to Morenike Olusanya, a visual artist cum Visual Arts student of ...

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