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Motivated by his well-received short story written in the sixth grade entitled, “The Knight and the Dragon,” creative writer Ajani Shakur has been scratching the writing itch ever since.
Although the various twists and turns on the road of life often ushered him away from his dream destination of churning out tales of mystery, horror, and suspense. It wasn't until September of 2014, when he enrolled in Full Sail University with a focus on creative writing, that he decided to pursue his dream of entertaining through the written word. Since his enrollment at Full Sail University, Ajani Shakur has written several short film scripts and a television spec script. He also has published a collection of shorts titled, “Stories I Wrote While Battling My Confidence,” on the Smashwords self-publishing platform. His current projects involve a revision of the aforementioned short collection, a new collection of short stories titled “Deviation,” and a writing blog. Although self-publishing is the road he is now traveling, Ajani’s ultimate destination is to write for a dramatic television series and one day become a showrunner for his own show. You can connect with him on his LinkedIn page.



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