Aimee Gramblin

Creativity Fiend: Writer and Editor

United States


Thank you for dropping by to scope out my portfolio.

Since you're here, it's likely that you could use a little to a lot of help with a project. I'm one of those people with many interests and a diverse skillset.

If you're looking for someone to edit short-form articles, books, or poetry/poetry books, we could be a good fit.

Picky about who you hire? Great!

I'm particular about which clients/jobs I take on.

In order to not beat around the bush: I charge what my services are worth and will only offer to work with you if I feel it's in both of our best interests.

My preference is to have a short video chat to figure that out.

You may be wondering what my qualifications are?

English MA with creative writing emphasis
English BA with creative writing emphasis + Art History minor

I love working with storytellers and writers because sharing meaningful connections with an audience outside our heads is my life's work.

Email me at [email protected] for more information.

Aimée Gramblin - Medium Writing Portfolio

To get a feel for my diverse set of writing skills, check out my Medium portfolio, featuring over 500 pieces of content, from service pieces, creative nonfiction, writing tutorials, mental health, chronic pain, and more. Tulsa, OK, US-based.


Medika Life
We All Have Pain - Medika Life | Coping with Chronic Pain

I'm sleeping and feel the sharp sting, the acute pinpoint pain grabbing my right hip bone. On my back, I lay and lean into this sleepy wisdom - we all have pain  - every single one of us humans. It may be heart-sting or a bruised ego or a bruised body. We all have pain.

Better Humans on Medium
How to Prepare for Difficult Mental Health Days

When we find ourselves in mental health crises or situations of more subtle depression or anxiety, it helps tremendously to already have a safety net in place before these episodes happen. Here, I will break down into more detail how you can prepare yourself for when these times come.

Curious on Medium
How I Found Myself Coming of Age in the Silence of Water

Maybe sometimes I went swimming with a friend, but I most remember going alone - the delicious solace of being alone in a group of strangers. I am an only child and often went solo to the pool. In 1990, when I was twelve years old, my mom dropped me off at the university...

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