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I'm a full-time editor and writer who loves anything having to do with the written word. Although my career began in book publishing (in the copyediting department of Little, Brown & Company), it took an interesting turn toward education and ELL instruction somewhere along the way. I spent my graduate school years teaching Composition 101 to college freshmen from all over the world and later worked at non-profits and in public schools teaching non-native English speakers of all ages. Today, I'm happy to be a part of the book publishing world again, where I manage, develop, and write a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction content. The categories I cover span from children's picture books to adult reflection journals to educational workbooks.


Writer, Guided Journals


Writer of creativity journal for artists and creative types

Editor, Adult Nonfiction

Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics

Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics [Bell, Arizona, Garza, Morgan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics

Racehorse Publishing
Flippin' Awesome

Flip your way to fame and glory!Join the worldwide craze with Flippin' Awesome, the complete player’s guide to the ultimate new sport of water bottle flipping. Flippin’ Awesome features twelve incredible target games for hours of intense head-to-head competition and fun.

Editor, Children's Fiction & Nonfiction

Editing and Illustration direction
Grandma's Promise

Children's Picture Book, Skyhorse Publishing

Skyhorse Publishing
God's Love Is a Warm Cookie

Will Hedgehog have the courage to show God's love to a new neighbor in the forest? When a new creature moves into the friends' area of the forest, Hedgehog...

Storm Shield

Defeating their enemies is challenging, but when the world is crumbling around them it's next to impossible! The Stonewood Survivors, still learning to work as a team, must prevent the villains Omega and The Visitor from acquiring vital Vindertech equipment and unleashing terror. But cracks in... Don't Miss These Previous Books in the Series!

Editing and Illustration direction
Guided By His Light

Children's bedtime lullaby book, Skyhorse Publishing (Good Books imprint)

Zombies Ate My Homework: Redstone Jr. High #1

Pixel has lived a pretty sheltered life so far, but when she gets a scholarship to Redstone Junior High, that all changes very quickly. The first one to leave her village in centuries, Pixel sets out for school armed with an outdated mob encyclopedia and a chest of hand-me-down tools and supplies...

Grandpa's Promise

Grandpa's Promise [Jones, Susan, Holland, Lee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Grandpa's Promise

Educational Content Writer and Editor, Grades K-5

Content creator
Math for Minecrafters: Adventures in Addition & Subtraction

With Math for Minecrafters: Adventures in Addition & Subtraction, learning time feels more like game time!This kid-friendly workbook features well-loved video game characters and concepts to reinforce the development of first and second grade math skills laid out in the national Common Core State Standards.

Content creator
Writing for Minecrafters

High-interest, video-game themed writing prompts and exercises for kids in Grade 2.

Content Writer, Editor
STEM for Minecrafters

High-Interest, Fully-Illustrated, STEM Workbook for Elementary-Aged Kids Who Love Minecraft

Music Website

Web content and marketing communications copywriter

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