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Aidan Noda

Content Producer

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I am a fourth generation Chinese/Japanese American from San Francisco, California, currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

I have experience writing SEO copy and short form articles for web on an application media site. I also have over two years experience working at a Japanese American newspaper. As a philosophy major and an English teacher, I have spent the past ten years honing my English language abilities and I am confident in my ability to provide writing for your company in a professional and timely matter.

Additionally, I have exhibited my work as a photographer in America and Japan. I am confident in my ability to photograph images that can match the content of the articles your website or publication desires to produce.

Recently, I have taken an interest in UX Design and I am in the process of making a career change. I am currently a student of Designlab's UX Academy and I am concurrently taking courses through the IDF (Interaction Design Foundation) for UX Design. I am interested in photography, music, and art. I have had exhibitions in San Francisco, California, Yokohama, Japan, and within this year I'll hold another exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

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Nikkei bridge the digital, generational divide

Youth and seniors are slowly bridging the gap between the community through a series of workshops that are being held at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC). The Digital Leadership Program's classes encourage senior citizens to embrace technology, and allow San Francisco Japantown's youth to develop their communication skills.

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