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Star Tribune
Health exchange 'navigators' to help people find insurance

First, Mohamed Abu helped a family of five get their health insurance back. Then, after 30 minutes on the phone, he found out why a 60-year-old Somali woman with diabetes was denied health coverage. By the time he hung up, he'd arranged for her insurance to start Aug. 1.

Oakland North
Oakland joins nation in mourning Twinkie after Hostess bankruptcy

When word spread that there was half a box of Twinkies still on a shelf at the A&A Market on Sunday afternoon, people of all ages gathered to get their hands on a small cellophane-wrapped piece of what was left of the Hostess legacy, and reflected on what the Twinkie-the "snack with a snack in the middle," as the ads used to say--meant to them.

Star Tribune
As numbers lag, HPV vaccine debate rages

At her college physical in 2007, Vanessa Zarembo said no when a nurse offered her the HPV vaccine. The nurse was not amused. "She made a face of disapproval mixed with disgust and told me that was irresponsible," Zarembo recalled. "She said I needed to re-evaluate my decision."

Oakland North
Oakland sues U.S. government to stop Harborside medical marijuana seizures

The city of Oakland filed a complaint Wednesday against the federal government in order to stop officials from seizing the nation's largest medical marijuana dispensary, claiming the government took too long to take legal action against Harborside Health Center and that the federal statute of limitations regarding seizures has expired.

Oakland North
Meet the Oakland City Council candidates: an interactive map

With four Oakland districts and the Council At-Large seat up for grabs, 25 candidates have all entered the race to join Oakland's City Council. The following map lists every candidate running in each district, a photo of each candidate, and a brief statement-provided by the candidate-about his or her key goals.