Anne-Frances Hutchinson

writer and editor

United States of America

Introducing your newest secret weapon: a seasoned, spectacular business writer who never met a deadline she couldn’t beat.

I’m a full stack generalist with particular strengths in technology, healthcare, energy, industrial, and medical devices.

My writing has been featured in BOSS Magazine, Energy Digital, Healthcare Digital, and more. Past clients include Captricity, HackerOne, Hologic, GE Security, L-3 and others.


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BOSS Magazine
Cover Feature: Judy Marks, CEO of Otis Elevator

Judy Marks, the first-ever female CEO of Otis Elevator, is leading the global heavy lifter forward into Industry 4.0. I interviewed Judy about her vision for the future, and her commitment to making the company more diverse, agile, and powerful than ever.

BOSS Magazine
Microsoft and the Analytical Workplace

I was delighted to sit down with two of Microsoft's best, Natalie McCullough, General Manager of Microsoft MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics, and Lori Wright, General Manager of Microsoft Teams and Skype Marketing, to examine how Microsoft is leading that charge.

Saving Lives From Day One: The Jhpiego Story

Captricity believes in supporting the developing world through data access. As part of my extensive work for them, I profiled Amos Asiedu of Jhpiego, the non-profit Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Jhpiego is dedicated to saving the lives of women and their families in developing countries. Jhpiego does amazing global work and was a joy to write about!

BOSS Magazine
From Success to Significance: The Former Microsoft Exec Helping to Give Sight to the World

For nearly 20 years, Claire Bonilla climbed the Microsoft ladder. At the pinnacle of her tenure (directing the company's disaster response programs), she walked away, seeking a different kind of fulfillment. Claire is now CEO of SightLife, a global non-profit dedicated to the elimination of corneal blindness in the developing world. I'm not crying - you're crying!

BOSS Magazine
Cover Feature: White Hat Hacking

An introduction to ethical hacking, with perspectives from Adam Bacchus, Director of Program Operations for HackerOne, and Belgian "white hat" hacker Inti De Ceukelaire. De Ceukelaire made his bones hacking the Metallica website, and was paid in concert tickets, a backstage pass, and a quick stint singing backup vocals for the band. Times have changed; Intel now pays "bug hunters" up to six figures to help them find weaknesses in their cybersecurity.

BOSS Magazine
Stocktwits CEO Ian Rosen: Rising Above the Noise

With Stocktwits, the largest social media platform for stock market investors and traders, CEO Ian Rosen is shaping an educational ecosystem that reflects the way young people think about investing. Ian is a thoughtful and fun person to interview, as you'll see in this piece.

BOSS Magazine
The Fiercest Women in Energy

The energy industry isn't known for its diversity under the best of circumstances, but there are great success stories out there waiting to be told. I believe this is one of them. One important objective I had when putting this piece together was to show layers of diversity, well beyond the ho-hum male to female ratio.

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Selling to Millennials is Simpler Than You Think

The nation's largest living generation is the first to exist entirely in the digital age, and is shaping up to be the most well-educated generation in history. Their expectations are based on the availability and ease that technology brings to all aspects of their lives, so it shouldn't be surprising that Millennials like to do business with...

L-3 Communications
Checkpoint Security Solutions

My extensive work for L-3 Communications encompassed all kinds of marketing collateral, including the very first pieces that were used to sell their now-ubiquitous millimeter wave body scanners to airports and regulatory agencies around the world.

BOSS Magazine
Can Graphene Power the World?

Reciting graphene’s properties creates a thrilling sort of koan: although only one atom thick, it can be seen by the human eye. It is harder than diamond and over 200 times stronger than steel, but can be stretched like rubber. Transparent and one million times thinner than a human hair, it is impermeable to liquids and gases. It surpasses copper’s ability to conduct heat and electricity, and can be made into transistors that outpace silicon’s speed.

Hologic, Inc.
Carry That Weight

Writing for Hologic was tremendous. My coverage area was mostly limited to their mammography solutions, writing physician practice profiles and newsletter content. This is an example of a rare non-mammo-centric profile I did for them.

Exec Digital
Corporate Profile: Hardy Diagnostics

As a contributor to Exec Digital Magazine, I profiled dozens of C-level execs across virtually every industry. This profile of Hardy Diagnostics, manufacturer of medical devices used in in-vitro fertilization, is representative of some of the coolest companies and CEOs I got the chance to meet and write about.