Ashley Wegner

Writer and Editor

United States

For more than 20 years, I've written about people, places, trends and events in Omaha, first as the arts reporter for the Omaha World-Herald, then in public relations and development for various organizations. These days, I love my job freelance writing for both local and national publications as well as providing providing communications support for various businesses through articles, speeches, newsletters, press releases, Web copy, brochures, grant proposals and presentations. One of my favorite parts of the job is taking on new projects and challenges, so if your organization needs writing or editing support, I'd love to hear from you.



Medium Man

It's March 17, 2006, and the applause in Omaha's Orpheum Theater is deafening. The stage lights have just darkened, ending the world premiere of a new production of Madama Butterfly. The performers and conductors take their bows. Then, slowly, from the side of the stage, comes the man responsible for making the night - Jun Kaneko.

How Did the Rose Theater's 'Garden of Verses' Grow?

The mother robin is hungry. She just watched all of the actors enjoy a slice of an apple. It was a big apple-a juicy apple-and it made this mother bird feel hungry. But she doesn't want an apple. Birds don't eat apples. Then what should the mother robin eat?

Omaha Magazine
Ponca Hills

It's a rural neighborhood with a small-town feel, full of rolling hills, large trees, wildlife, and huge plots of land. This same area is just minutes from downtown Omaha, which gives residents a short drive to performances, restaurants, and everything else the city has to offer.

Children's Hospital & Medical Center's Spira magazine
Where Every Day is New

Answers. That’s what Katie Doll began looking for in March, when she found out at a 20-week ultrasound that her daughter, Clara, would probably not be a normal, healthy baby when she was born. She remembers thinking: Why me? Why us? Why my daughter?
Hot appliance: Air fryer

A year ago, Joe Scoville didn't know air fryers from hair dryers. He loved to cook, loved to find new recipes, loved to find new ways of doing things and also new ways to eat healthier. But air fryers were completely off his radar.
Combine new with nostalgic to create a fresh look for your home this holiday season

Certain items always will appear in your home around the holidays. That Santa Claus plate you received as a wedding present 20 years ago resides on the coffee table. Those snowman ornaments your kids made in preschool hang on the tree. And that Nativity centerpiece from your grandmother stays on the dining room table.