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I am an award-winning media professional with eight years’ experience in publishing, social media, marketing, and brand-building. As a journalist I have worked in the UK, Hong Kong, and Japan, writing across a broad range of issues in various styles from punchy page leads to in-depth analysis. My work has appeared in various regional and national news publications in the UK, and in respected international trade journals both in print and online.


Freelance projects

Insurance Post
China's internet explosion

Insurers are looking for new ways into China’s underserved market, yet a successful digital strategy will not only require investment but the right type of partnership.

Peak Magazine (Hong Kong)
Raising stakes in a rich world

As Asia's high net worth community has grown and evolved, so has its wealth management needs. As part of this change, traditional insurance providers are looking to play a larger role.

Peak Magazine (Hong Kong)
In search of the right fit

As the wealth management industry consolidates and established private banks grow larger or specialise, clients can look for value in the growth of advisory services.

Peak Magazine (Hong Kong)
In with the crowd

Insights on the latest developments in Hong Kong's crowdfunding scene

Global Finance Magazine
Global Finance Magazine - No 'Hope' for Japanese Companies

Snap elections pit Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) against Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike's insurgent Party of Hope on October 22. With snap election pitting Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) against a new and insurgent political force on October 22, Japan's business leaders show little appetite for unpredictability.

Global Finance Magazine
Global Finance Magazine - Asia's Private Banks Spend Now To Save Later

Strained wealth management industry looks to digital solutions Private bankers looking to grow in Asia are investing heavily in innovation to stave off disruption, at the same time firms are also turning to technology to tackle more fundamental issues in the industry Credit Suisse become the latest bank to try and woo Asia's tech-savvy, high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in June with the launch of its private banking platform in Hong Kong via a new app.

Asian Venture Capital Journal

Asian Venture Capital Journal
Giant maintenance: PE and corporate Japan

Restructuring is a compelling story in Japanese private equity, but deal access is constrained by perception issues and government-linked competition. Will there be anything left for foreign players?

Asian Venture Capital Journal
Smoke and mirrors

A number of accounting scandals involving India-based private equity portfolio companies has contributed to the erosion of investor con dence in the country. Due diligence processes are being tightened in response.

Asian Venture Capital Journal
Sifting the strain

The low-hanging fruit created by the post-global nancial crisis troubles of highly-leveraged Australian companies has mostly been picked. Distress investors are looking in smaller and less obvious places

Asian Venture Capital Journal
Keeping afloat

India's public markets are at record highs, but IPO activity remains lackluster. Investors want an overhaul of the listings approval process and a regulatory system that is suited to PE and VC-backed companies

Asian Venture Capital Journal
Backing the batch

The start-up accelerator can offer attractive opportunities for early-stage investors but the business model is still in its infancy and educating potential backers can still be a challenge

Asian Venture Capital Journal
Acorns to oaks

Several large funding rounds – plus the birth of a new bank – have shown how far India’s micro nance institutions have come in just four years. But more is to come, and more VC backing will be required

Asian Venture Capital Journal
Creatures great and small

Global fund-of-funds are looking to scale up and become more diversified, while many of their smaller counterparts are pursuing niche strategies. Is the model in a state of decline or a state of revolution?

NexChange blog

Local Journalism

Thanet Gazette
Live animal exports through Port of Ramsgate banned by council

LIVE animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate have today been suspended with immediate effect following yesterday's lamb massacre, writes Andrew Woodman. Thant District Council (TDC), which put the temporary ban in place, says it will only be lifted once suitable facilities are in place.

Art Journalism

The Cultivation of Space

at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo in the Kiyosumi, Ryogoku area This event has ended - (2008-04-29 - 2008-07-06) 134 people bookmarked this. 25 people recommend this. 5 people reviewed this.

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