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Addie Lipson

Academic, Writer, Speaker, Photographer, Activist


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Grad Papers

Prescott College
Relational Leadership in Faith-Based Organizing

Faith-based organizing is a direct way of making God’s love visible. It’s how we reach out to our communities and provide necessary services, like food and clothing. It’s how we provide space for those that need it most. This organizing not only serves communities outside churches, but it also builds communities inside the church. People are able to bond over working together toward the common good and helping their neighbors. This is a guide to equip faith leaders to create more of these...

Prescott College
Trauma-Informed Community Building Model as Strategic Communications

This paper aims to outline the effects of community trauma and the potential barriers that community trauma can have during organizing efforts. Incorporating a Trauma-Informed Community Building (TICB) model into the approach of these campaigns helps increase the effectiveness of campaigns, while addressing the root causes of the trauma that community has faced.

Prescott College
SWOT Analyses Theory and Practice

This paper aims to define a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, examine each part of a SWOT analysis and describe the importance of each aspect of a SWOT analysis when assessing a campaign. This framework will then be applied to analyzing a fictional Organization A using notes about funding streams, assets, and long and short term goals provided by a member of that organization

Prescott College
Connecting Younger Generations and Churches through Community Organizing

Younger generations have proven to be the most progressive generation in the United States, largely affecting markets and social trends to bend into a progressive stance. They are also the most active generations in community organizing to help realize these goals. Several of these goals run in parallel with the community organizing goals and projects of tax-exempt religious institutions, organizing around food and housing security, classroom sizes, and anti-racism work. Despite this...

Prescott College
Streetcars as Sites of Neoliberalism

This paper explores the effects and implications of neoliberalism as it relates to the construction of capitalist infrastructure in urban settings. The economic and social effects of streetcars are analyzed on both a national scale, and a scale relative to the Milwaukee metro area.

Prescott College
The United Methodist Church and Framing

This paper looks at the different framing techniques present during the 2/17/2019 United Methodist Church vote to enforce stricter punishments upon openly-practicing LGBT clergy and those that officiate same sex weddings.

Prescott College
Radical Pedagogy as Praxis

This paper dives into the use of the Nahui Olin as a pedagogical tool at the root of community organizing. This tool was used by the Mexican American Studies department in the Tuscon Unified School District, and was eventually shut down to its ethnic and political implications. This paper seeks to delve into the pedagogy of this tool, as well as the history in which it inhabits.

Prescott College
Milwaukee Unified School Integration Committee

In the wake of Brown v. Board of Education, many integral Midwestern cities entered a self-examination process in which established social systems were critiqued, analyzed, and, in most cases, fought against. Community coalitions in the inner core city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, were amongst the groups who examined the racist roots of the public education system, most notably the Milwaukee Unified School Integration Committee (MUSIC), and key figures Lloyd Barbee and Father James Groppi. This...


In the Press

The Work First
Meet the Fellow: Addie Lipson, Milwaukee, WI - The Work First

Addie Lipson was already an experienced community activist and organizer in Milwaukee, WI when she decided to become a Work First Fellow. She did so because she wanted to continue to create positive change for her city while working one-on-one with individuals who have been harmed the most by the city's structural segregation and economic policies.

MBS Creativity
Event Photography: LiftUpMKE Inaugural Hack-A-Thon - MBS Creativity

Shooting events is a combination of technical skill, planning, being able to anticipate where things/people are and are going to be, but most importantly, even the driest event requires heart. And they're work. Hours on your feet, running back and forth, mentally calculating and creating images be

Denim Day Is Trans Too photoshoot

DenimDayIsTransToo April 24, 2019 is Denim Day - a day where we can wear jeans with a purpose: to remember that sexual violence is never a survivor's fault, to show support for each other, and to to celebrate the our wholeness and beauty (while decked out in jeans!).

Milwaukee Rallies for Trans Rights

On October 21, 2018, the New York Times released an article about a leaked memo detailing the Department of Health and Human Services efforts to establish a new legal definition of "sex" under Title IX of the federal civil rights law that bans discrimination on the basis of sex/gender.

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